Lectures and Classes to Help You Shine

Discover your most radiant self with classes presented online.  Go at your own pace with lifetime access to all material.

RADIANCE Masterclass

New to your journey of awakening?  Looking for a safe space to go at your own pace into your personal development?   This masterclass is for you!

It's a great way to learn the fundamentals of how to find and reconnect with your Authentic Self - shining your Divine Radiant Light fearlessly into the world.

This beefy course has 65 modules including video lessons, meditations and journal prompts.  You'll also have access to 8 pre-recorded webinars.

An amazing value at only $17!

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Energy Healing Principles & Practice - Levels One and Two

Gain a broad foundational knowledge of energy healing concepts, principles and applications.  Learn in a small group with live interaction and support from me.   Choose your own progress with an initial 6-week program with an optional second 6-week follow-up for additional learning and practice.

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Animal Communication Basics

An online, at-home study course to empower you to use basic Animal Communication techniques with your own pets and animal companions. 

Enroll anytime!  Online, go at your own pace.

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Tuning Into Your Intuition

Remember your natural intuitive abilities.  Learn skills and techniques to use intuition in your daily life.  Class is online.  Go at your own pace with lifetime access.  

Enroll anytime!  Online, go at your own pace.

View the class outline here.
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Bundle and Save!

Set yourself up to truly blossom and grow!  Purchase both Animal Communication Basics and Tuning Into Your Intuition and save over $50 off* the regular enrollment price for both.  (*Discount only applies when you purchase this bundle.  If you purchase each course separately, the full enrollment fee applies)

Enroll anytime!  Online, go at your own pace.

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Join me Summer 2022 for 3 LIVE interactive online classes

I'm so excited to host Summer School this year!  Each class is 2 hours and formatted to allow for interaction, Q&As and lots of fun!  I hope to see you in class!

Enroll in any individual Summer School class before 5/15 for 10% off.  Enroll in all three at any time before class starts for 20% off the individual class prices.
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