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Discover your most radiant self with on-demand, online classes.  Go at your own pace with lifetime access to all material.  Browse the many courses listed on this page and enroll for instant access.

Or...join me live for interactive online classes on select topics within my Radiant Light Academy. 

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Browse the catalog of courses below - you can enroll one at a time or with a class bundle for extra savings.  Have a topic you're interested in but don't see here?  Send me a message - I'm always creating new courses and there might be something in the works that fits your needs!

Be sure to check out the All-In bundles for extra savings and easy enrollment in multiple classes at once. 


If you're interested in reawakening the parts of yourself you've been missing, this masterclass if for you!

Learn the fundamentals of how to find and reconnect with your Authentic Self and shine your Divine Radiant Light.

This beefy course has 65 modules of video lessons, meditations, activities and journal prompts.  You'll also have access to 8 pre-recorded webinars (45-60 minutes each).

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Tuning Into Your Intuition

Reawaken, remember and develop your natural intuitive abilities.  Learn skills and techniques to confidently use intuition in your daily life.  How good would it feel to trust your intuition?

Class is online, a blend of video, audio and text with guided activities.  Go at your own pace with lifetime access.

This is a great starting point for beginners or those just out of practice with tuning in.  It's one of my most popular courses.

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Animal Communication Basics

Learn basic Animal Communication techniques to use with your own pets and animal companions. 

This is a great introductory-level course and one of my most popular.  Pre-recorded video and audio lessons are available on-demand.

I get great feedback from this course all the time - people start connecting with their pets in amazing ways!  It's a class that students like to come back to and revisit...they continue to get more out of it each time.

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Connecting with Loved Ones in Spirit

As a lifelong medium, I'm so excited to share the beauty and joy of the connection "beyond".  Love never dies and our Spirit loved ones can still be with us.

Lifetime on-demand access to a pre-recorded two hour webinar . Learn ways communicate, common misconceptions, get two practice guided visualizations as downloadable mp3s plus a recorded Q&A session.                                                     

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Meeting & Working with Your Guides

You are not alone!

An online self-paced class comprised of videos and activities to help you start (and strengthen) your connection with your team of Spirit and multidimensional guides.

Learn about the different types of guides, ways to improve your connection, energetic protection and your body as a tool of intuition.

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The Enlightened Path

Get yourself back on the path of your highest Self.

Through a dynamic program of integration, empowerment and embodiment, explore the four elements (Earth, Water, Air, Fire) as a framework for self-healing and optimization. 

Includes over 12 hours of video content plus bonus pdf downloads, journal prompts, visualizations & activities. 

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Energy Healing Principles & Practice

This is a great course to begin your journey in topics related to medical intuition and energy healing.

In Level One of this comprehensive course, you'll learn through on-demand video content with bonus supplemental material.

Level Two is a live, online program offered twice per year.   Enroll at any time for instant access to Level One and to save a seat for the next available Level Two live online class.

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Reiki Level One Certification

A self-paced online introduction to Usui Reiki.  Lessons are video instructions and course content includes a downloadable 21-day Self Care Reiki Journey.

The course includes a remote attunement (activation) to Level One and a completion certificate.

Reiki is a great tool to supplement any other healing modalities, both allopathic and energetic.

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Reiki Level Two Certification

In Level Two Reiki, knowledge and abilities are expanded to include healing of others, healing at a distance (remote healing).

Level Two is also for those who desire to practice Reiki in a professional capacity, although becoming a practitioner is not required.

The course includes a remote attunement (activation) to the Level Two frequency and a completion certificate.

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On-Demand Class Bundle #1

Want to go all-in?  Get the following courses at a discounted price (regularly valued at $1033)

  • RADIANCE Masterclass
  • Tuning Into Your Intuition
  • Animal Communication Basics
  • The Enlightened Path
  • Meeting and Working with Your Guides
  • Connecting to Loved Ones in Spirit

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On-Demand Class Bundle #2

Want to go all-in?  This is for you if you'd like all courses with the exception of Animal Communication Basics (it's a unique niche, not for everyone!).  Full value $83

  • RADIANCE Masterclass
  • Tuning Into Your Intuition
  • The Enlightened Path
  • Meeting and Working with Your Guides
  • Connecting to Loved Ones in Spirit

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Radiant Light Academy




While on-demand classes are great, I've heard from so many students that you also enjoy having more connection - more opportunity to learn in a lively, real-time setting where we can grow, expand, explore and "vibe" together as a community.

I'm so very excited to host these online, interactive classes within the container of the newly-launched Radiant Light Academy. 

We're just getting started, so look for more offerings soon (but go ahead and enroll now for what's already announced!!)



Animal Communication &
Energy Healing for Pets

An ability to connect with All Life is a cornerstone skill for up-leveling into New Earth Service.  Learn basic yet powerful techniques for communicating with pets and companion animals.  This includes an introduction to the material plus an expansion of material covered in my on-demand Animal Communications Basics class.  No prior experience or training is required (you don't need to have taken my on-demand class...and if you have, you'll learn and practice new things in this version of the course!).  

Course includes seven 60-minute live online classes and an online classroom with class recordings and supplemental materials.  You will have ample opportunity to practice what you learn throughout the duration of the course.

You don't need to attend live for the main content.  Replays will be available in an online classroom within 48 hours of each class.  Any practice that we do with volunteer pets will only be done during our live classes.

The 2023 semester for this course is now underway and enrollment is closed.  If you would like to join the waitlist to be notified when enrollment opens for 2024, click the link below.

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FALL-WINTER 2023-2024

Quantum Radiance Resonance Healing

Learn my signature energy healing technique in this interactive 12-session course.   Quantum Radiance Resonance Healing blends and customizes foundational techniques such as Reiki, BioScalar Wave and Biolumosphere Quantum Mapping.  Developed by me over ten years of working with clients around the world, I'm very excited to share this with others in this debut offering.  For those who wish to become certified in this modality, you will be able to submit case studies and partner with me after completion of this program to obtain certification.

My Energy Healing Principles and Practice is suggested as a prerequisite to this program, but if you would like to join this training and haven't taken the prerequisite, please email me so we can see if this is a good fit for you.   I'm happy to work with you to get you into class if that's what you desire.

The 2023-2024 class schedule: Thursday, 12/14/23, 7PM EST; Thursday, 1/11/24,  7PM EST; Thursday, 1/25/24, 7PM EST; Thursday, 2/8/24, 7PM EST; Thursday, 2/22/24, 7PM EST; Thursday, 3/7/24, 7PM EST; Thursday, 3/28/24, 7PM EST; Thursday 4/11/24, 7PM EST; Thursday 4/25/24 7PM EST; Thursday 5/9/24, 7PM EST; Thursday 5/23/24, 7PM EST; Thursday 6/6/24, 7PM EST

Class starts 12/14/23.  You don't need to attend live - replays will be available in an online classroom within 48 hours of class time.

Use coupon code QRRHEARLY for a discount on enrollment.

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Intuitive Mastery Bootcamp


Dive deeper into your abilities to strengthen your intuitive mastery.  Designed for beginners and intermediate students, this program includes lots of opportunity to practice within a safe community of supportive fellow students.  


Enrolling now for the January-February 2024 class!

You don't need to attend the live classes however you will have the best opportunity for interaction, coaching and connection during class.  Replays will be available in an online classroom within 48 hours of each class.

Use coupon code BOOTCAMP for $100 off enrollment.   Sign up now to save your seat and claim the lowest enrollment price offered.

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Mystery School Teachings

This is going to be a fun one!

Join me in six dynamic live online classes during early 2024 where we'll explore traditional mystery school topics including the Hermetic Principles as well as the theory, steps and transformational archetypes of Alchemy.

We'll discuss how we can use these teachings as a lens through which to view the journeys of ascension and personal development.