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Learn how to meet and work with your
Spirit and Multidimensional

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In this course you'll learn:


Types of Guides and Their Functions

There are many different types of Guides.  Learn more about each type and how they can support you.


Why You May Feel That You Don't Have Any Guides (P.S. You Do!)

Guides aren't only available for those who have worked for years to develop their intuition.  Learn why you may not have seen, heard or experienced them before now...and how that's totally normal!


How to Make Initial Contact and Meet Your Guides

Learn some easy techniques to begin communication with your Team. 


How to Build Habits That Strengthen Your Connection

We often take a "What's in it for me?" approach with Guides.  Learn how to build a stronger relationship and develop your intuitive abilities to tune in.

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You are not alone!

Maybe you've thought Guides were reserved for someone - anyone! - else because you haven't experienced a connection.

Or maybe you can connect in and receive intuitive guidance from time to time, but don't have a consistent line of communication with your team of helpers in Spirit.

Either way, I'd love to help you get on track and experience the profound connection available to you when you meet and work with your Guides.

There are over three hours of video content plus journal prompts, meditations and activities in this self-paced online course.   


A Note From Me...

At a very early age, I was aware of other Beings around me.  

I felt these entities as a physical sensation slightly behind me on my left, but I also heard their voices and could identify each separately.

Throughout my early teens and twenties, I took classes, read hundreds of books and studied with mentors to develop a keener awareness and ability to tune in on-demand to my Guides...and to use my abilities in a way that helps me serve others.

I've worked with clients around the world for over twenty years as an intuitive, psychic, medium, channeler and healer.

I'm honored to introduce you to the beauty and comfort that can come from knowing that you're not alone.

I can't wait to see you in class!


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Let's connect! 

With video content, bonus guided meditations, journal prompts and homework activities designed to support your learning journey, you'll have the tools you need to meet and tune in to your team of Guides.

Let's connect! 

With video content, bonus guided meditations, journal prompts and homework activities designed to support your learning journey, you'll have the tools you need to meet and tune in to your team of Guides.


How do I know if this class is a good fit for me?

Perfect for you if:

  • You're ready to¬†explore the possibilities of connecting with other aspects of Self and other Light Beings
  • You¬†enjoy a shared community of learners with the¬†addition of supplemental self-paced online content
  • You are¬†at any stage of your intuitive journey and looking to develop your abilities

Not for you if:

  • You aren't willing to practice and dedicate yourself to your own development
  • You¬†expect Guides or your Team to give you all of the answers for any questions you have and to "do" all of the "human" stuff for you (we're all still here to Learn, Be and Do)
  • You aren't ready to expand and welcome new perspectives
I'm Ready

Let's take a look at what's inside


Types of Guides

They're not all the same.  Learn who might be on your team, including Beings from Spirit, the Angelic Realms, Elementals and Galactics.

Getting Started

We'll explore some techniques and activities to get started synchronizing your energy to make a strong connection.

You as a Receiver of Information

How your communication and relationship styles can impact the quality of your connection.



Practice Activities

You can't ride the bike if you don't learn how to pedal, so we'll take what we've learned out for a spin and practice connecting with your Team.

Meditations and Visualizations

For those who have a hard time finding the right frequency and space for a connection, I'll provide some guided visualizations and meditations to help you create the right space.


Ways Your Guides May Communicate

It's not all about sitting in lotus pose on a mountaintop to connect.  We'll take a real-world approach to this ethereal topic.

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One time payment

What's included:

  • 4 hours of live online video content (within two 2-hour classes) plus lifetime access to the class replays
    • Bonus on-demand class Getting Clarity on Your Intuitive Senses which has over two hours of material related to Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Claircognizance, Clairsentience, Clairalience and Clairgustance
  • 4 bonus guided meditations totaling one hour
  • Journal prompts and homework activities to help you integrate what you learn



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