Step into the fullness of You

and connect with your most empowered Self

Let's do this thing!

We know the world should change, needs to change - and that we need to change along with it, but sometimes the details of all those shifts can feel a little fuzzy.

We feel a pull and resonance toward All_The_Things.  We subscribe to podcasts, take classes, buy so many books and devices that delivery drivers know our address by heart. (oh wait, is that last one just me? 🤦🏻‍♀️)

Within the awakening, amidst all the beautiful knowledge we're gathering, there's a call to action.  We hear its sweet melody in the distance, beckoning us to come closer.

Our Souls are longing for us to walk in authenticity, boldly shining our light in service to others.   But where do we start?

We start with embodiment, bringing our ideas, inspiration and abilities into our physical form.  Grounding them into our reality, body, mind and Soul.

The Enlightened Path gives you the tools to identify and optimize your strengths and find your personal best.

Together, we will build the bridge toward embodied enlightenment, connecting the esoteric with the practical, empowering you to live in the full authenticity of your beautiful gifts.


The journey begins June 21, 2023









Can you imagine...
  • A full integration and comfort with your intuitive abilities, trusting what you receive and living from a place of inspiration.
  • The confidence to feel and know the next steps that are right for you.  Whether it's building your Soul-aligned business or continuing to develop your abilities for personal growth, you'll get clarity on how to get to your next level
  • Sharing growth and progress in a like-minded community of amazing journeyers.  We encourage and support one another in a safe online space away from bots, trolls and dream-dashers.

I'd be so honored and delighted for you to join us on this journey.  

If you're ready to find your next level...


You can attend classes and workshops that resonate with you. You can listen to meditations and take other steps toward healing. You can read the books and listen to the podcasts that stir your Soul.

Each of those steps is great!

But when you’re ready to bring all of that awareness, healing and knowledge into alignment with you, personalizing it with the true blueprint of your Soul, alchemizing it through your journey, leveraging your strengths, your experiences, your mission and your voice…then you’re ready to journey on The Enlightened Path.

So many of us are rising up and getting "the call" to claim our gifts, to serve others, to live in alignment with the truth in our hearts and Souls.

This is a unique program, transmitted to me by my the right fit for right now.   I look forward to sharing it with you!

Here's the map we'll follow...

Live attendance is great, but it's not a requirement of the program.
All live sesions will be recorded and added to the online classroom


The Earth Path

In the Earth cycle, we examine those beliefs we are rooted in.  What did we inherit from family and community?   What is tied to past life or other origins?  How can we rise up and climb to a higher path when our limiting beliefs present as obstacles?

In this cycle, we'll explore:

  • How to identify and overcome limiting beliefs
  • How to identify and clear inherited ancestral energy templates
  • Soul themes.  What are we here to learn, be, do and overcome?
  • Inner Landscapes/Inner Mapping: Security and Abundance
  • Past life explorations of Earth-based lives your Soul has chosen and the archetypes associated with them (not required, but for those interested)
  • The Earth element within the energy body.  What function does it serve.  How do we optimize it?
  • The Earth element in intuition - how do we optimize it to improve our connection?
  • PLUS MORE!  (Content often drops in as we progress through the journey)

The Water Path

What energy are you carrying that isn't yours or isn't serving your best and highest good?  What real-time, past or future energetic cords are you allowing to impact you?

In this cycle, we'll explore:

  • Identifying and clearing current, past or future energetic cords that are impacting you
  • The Enneagram as a tool for understanding relationships
  • Inner Landscapes/Inner Mapping: Connection and Creation
  • Past life explorations into who you’ve walked with, partnered with and been in relation with (not required, but for those interested)
  • The Water element within the energy body.  What function does it serve.  How do we optimize it?
  • The Water element in intuition - how do we optimize it to improve our connection?
  • PLUS MORE!  (Content often drops in as we progress through the journey)

The Air Path

What daily habits are supporting or not supporting you?  Where might your inspiration be getting "stuck"?

In this cycle, we'll explore:

  • Working with coherence, alignment and resonance. How do they serve you and how might they distract you from Self?
  • Optimizing daily habits to support an intuitive, purposeful, joyful life
  • Inner Landscapes/Inner Mapping: Inspiration and Clarity
  • The Air element within the energy body.  What function does it serve. How do we optimize it?
  • The Air element in intuition - how do we optimize it to improve our connection?
  • Past life explorations into galactic lives, Starseed origins or Life Between Lives (not required, but for those interested)
  • PLUS MORE!  (Content often drops in as we progress through the journey)

The Fire Path

Purpose and passion.  How to find yours, navigate its twists and turns and bring it forth in your daily life.

In this cycle, we'll explore:

  •  Finding your authentic voice
  • The passion behind your purpose (how to find and relate the two)
  • Inner Landscapes/Inner Mapping: Imagination and Action
  • Past life explorations into lives of service (not required, but for those interested)
  • Alchemizing the other elements to leverage your unique way of being in the world
  • Moving past limitations, objections
  • Catalyzing your authentic Self into new earth service
  • The Fire element in intuition - how do we optimize it to improve our connection?
  • The Fire element within the energy body.  What function does it serve.  How do we optimize it?
  • PLUS MORE!  (Content often drops in as we progress through the journey)
We'll stay connected throughout the program...

Within each of the four cycles, we'll meet weekly for three weeks and then take one week off for catching up and integration.  This is a great approach as it allows us time to connect and share successes, ask questions, but also progress at a comfortable pace.  There will be a total of 12 live sessions.   Attendance is optional and a replay will be available in the online class within 24 hours.


You'll have access to an online classroom where I'll share content each week. Content will be video-based with supplemental PDFs, audio downloads and more. Each week will have Soulwork (homework) to help you integrate the lessons. You'll have access to this online classroom for the full sixteen weeks of the program plus an additional eight weeks after program completion (to revisit any topics you desire).


We'll have pop-up community meetings throughout the program so that we can connect and learn about one another.  Heather will also host live channeling sessions during which you can ask any questions of her team of Guides (any topics!)


I'm Heather.

 I'm a natural medium, psychic and intuitive who has worked with clients around the world for over a decade. 

I'm on a mission to empower and embolden others to connect with their Divine Radiant Light - that bit of absolute authenticity that lets you feel like you're in the flow of Life.

So many of us are rising up, ready to affect change in the world.  We're passionate about so many topics but may have our plates full from the awesome buffet of options.  We may feel stalled, uncertain or powerless to start.  

Working with an experienced & lifetime intuitive, channel, medium and healer is like having multiple coaches in one.  I see you. I feel your energy.  I connect you with all that you can be (it's up to you to do the work from there).   I help you map out one step upon the next, rising into that beautiful future you see on the horizon.  

If you’re ready to rise into the fullness of you, I invite you to journey with me on The Elevated Path.

Frequently Asked Questions
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  • 12 live, interactive 60-minute online lessons
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  • Abundant supplemental and supportive content in an online classroom
    (more video lessons, workbooks, audio downloads, etc)
  • SoulWork (homework) each week to help you integrate the teachings
  • Bonus virtual online community chats for connection and sharing
  • Bonus live channelings with Heather and her Guides to ask questions on any topics you desire
  • Go at your own pace, participating to your level of comfort
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