Learn basic Animal Communication techniques to use with your own pets.

Animal communication is a natural ability that anyone can learn, develop and use in their daily lives.  Just like any skill or ability, some may be able to pick it up quickly while others need more practice and study.

The Animal Communication Basics course meets you wherever you are on your journey - beginner, intermediate or more experienced - and gives you the background knowledge, activities and structure to build confidence as you learn.

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Join renowned Animal Communicator Heather Mays for a unique course that introduces you to basic Animal Communication theories and techniques.  This self-paced online class includes audio, visual and print material.  It is a highly experiential course with journal activities, meditations and homework to help you along the way.


Course Outline:


Module One: Demystifying Animal Communication.  How it's not unique, not a "gift", but is instead a natural ability that can be uncovered, remembered and developed.

Module Two:  Telepathy.  What is it and why it is a component of Animal Communication.

Module Three: The "Clairs". The extrasensory skills of clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairalience, claircognizance and clairgustance.  What they are, how to find which ones are dominant for you and how to incorporate them in Animal Communication. (Expanded lessons on this topic including development exercises can be found in the Tuning Into Your Intuition course).

Module Four: Discovering Your Communication Style.  Why it's important to know your own style in "normal" communication before attempting Animal Communication.

Module Five: Frequency and Energy.  How understanding your personal frequency and the energetic frequency of your home benefits clear communication.

Module Six: Brain Waves.  The science behind "fight or flight" mode, how to find the sweet spot in your brain wave patterns to make a stronger connection when you communicate.

Module Seven: Brain and Heart Coherence.  Why synchronizing these two powerful organs can help you communicate.

Module Eight: The AWARE Method for Conscious Connection.  A 5-step template you can use to assist you in strengthening your communication abilities.

Module Nine: Relaxation and Meditation Techniques.  How to set yourself up for success as a beginner by creating optimal conditions for yourself.

Module Ten: Preparatory Development Exercises.  Taking all that we've learned so far, we practice strengthening our abilities for a clear and focused mind, using our clairsenses and ensuring that our thoughts and messages match what we wish to communicate.

Module Eleven: Techniques to Connect.  We don't all work in the same way, so I teach multiple techniques for you to communicate with your pet.

Module Twelve: Troubleshooting and Possible Roadblocks to Success.  What could potentially get in your way during communicating with your pets.

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Animal Communication Basics

An online, at-home study course to empower you to use basic Animal Communication techniques with your own pets and animal companions. 

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