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Animal communication is a natural ability that we can learn, develop and use in our daily lives to facilitate a powerful connection with our pets and animal companions.

Learning the language of Animal Communication gives us a tool for deeper connections with the pets with whom we share our lives (and our couches & our food!). 

My Animal Communication Basics course gives you the background knowledge, activities and practical structure to build confidence as you learn.

Join renowned professional Animal Communicator Heather Mays for a unique course that introduces you to basic Animal Communication theories and techniques.  This self-paced online class includes audio, visual and print material.  It is a highly experiential course with journal activities, meditations and homework to help you along the way.

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What's Included:

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Module One:


Demystifying Animal Communication


Learn how Animal Communication is not unique and is not a "gift" reserved for some, but is instead a natural ability that can be uncovered, remembered and developed.

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Module Two:




What it is and why it's an essential component of your Animal Communication toolkit.


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Module Three:


Your Intuitive Superpowers


The extrasensory perceptive awarenesses of Clairsentience, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Claircognizance, Clairalience and Clairgustance.  What they are, how to find which are dominant for you and how they impact your Animal Communication.

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Module Four:


Discovering Your Communication Style


Why it's important to discover your own "regular" communication style and develop that as you begin to learn Animal Communication.

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Module Five:


Frequency and Energy


How understanding your personal frequency and the energetic frequency of your home benefits clear communication.

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Module Six:


Brain Waves


The science behind "fight or flight" mode, how to find the sweet spot in your brain wave patterns to make a stronger connection when you communicate.

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Module Seven:


Brain and Heart Coherence


Why synchronizing these two powerful organs can help you connect and communicate.

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Module Eight:


The AWARE Method


A 5-step template for conscious connection that you can use to assist you in strengthening your communication abilities (pro tip: it works with people and pets!)

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Module Nine:


Relaxation and Meditation Techniques


How to set yourself up as a beginner by creating optimal conditions for a stronger connection.

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Module Ten:


Preparatory Development Exercises


Strengthen your ability to create a clear, focused mind to ensure that your thoughts and messages match what you wish to communicate.

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Module Eleven:


Techniques to Connect


We don't all work in the same way, so I share multiple techniques for you to make a communication connection with your pet.

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Module Twelve:


Troubleshooting and Possible Roadblocks to Success


Learn what could impede your progress and how to work toward successful communication.

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I'm Heather.

I'm a natural medium, psychic, intuitive and animal communicator who has worked with clients around the world for over a decade.   I'm a coach and mentor in multiple disciplines, teaching in one-on-one and group programs for more than twenty years.

I'm on a mission to empower and embolden others to connect with their Divine Radiant Light - that bit of absolute authenticity that lets you feel like you're in the flow of Life.   As part of that mission, I'm super passionate about helping others develop their innate abilities of true connection.

So many of us are rising up, ready to rediscover our limitless nature in a world filled with stunning possibilities.  When you uncover the magic of a connection beyond time, space, species and definition...your world expands in some pretty amazing ways.

If you’re ready to start that journey of connection, it would be my highest honor to support you on your journey.

Animal Communication Basics

An online, at-home study course to empower you to use basic Animal Communication techniques with your own pets and animal companions.

I offer this as an on-demand class. I also teach this content in a live online setting at least once each year. With your enrollment in the on-demand class, you will also receive a coupon code that you can use for a $75 discount off the enrollment of the next live version of this class. The best of both worlds!

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