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Not sure if we're a good fit?  Check out the feedback below from my clients to see what it's like to work with me.   More testimonials are available on the dedicated page for each specific service I provide.

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What a wonderful, whirlwind time I had with you today!  It felt like it was only 60 seconds.  The comfort I feel in your presence is something I don't feel firsthand with many people, so thank you for that ease.  I still have the giggles.  What an honor to meet you today, Heather."

  • SF, Soul Alche-Me Client

★ Energetic Signature Portrait

Hello Heather, thank you for the portrait.  It looks amazing.  Oddly enough that the bright light in the picture was also in my heart chakra when I had an Aura photo taken.  Even the shape is the same.  Thank you so much.  You are very gifted. 



★ LUMINOUS Coaching

I had a very specific question I needed guidance on and was able to get a definitive answer from Heather and her guides. She helped me work through stagnant energy and release the gunk that had built up in my lower back and shoulder blades.  I feel much better and quite a bit lighter.  I can't thank Heather enough for all she does!


★ Lost Pet Consultation

Heather is ah-Mays-ing! Completely got in touch with our missing puppy, Yoda. Heather helped us contact Yoda and told us that the people that had Yodie Coyote were in food services and to hang flyers in the groceries. She also said Yoda could not escape but if she could, it was unlikely she could find her way home.  Turns out Yoda was 35 minutes from home and with guys that worked at Publix grocery!

Energetic Signature Portraits


WOW this sacred artwork is STUNNING!!! My eyes popped out when I first saw it - absolutely beautiful!  Sooo colorful!!  You do absolutely magnificent work!! I love looking at this all day long.  You really hit the meaning of those three areas on my artwork perfectly.  Yes that's exactly what is happening right now in my life - so incredibly awesome!!!.  Thank you for your amazing abilities and to share this with humanity!  Lots of gratitude to you!


Your message and portrait touched me at the soul level, it did truly resonate with me.  I admittedly choked up a bit while reading the message and viewing the portrait.


Your work is beautiful!  Opening your channeled artwork as its 1:11 as I write this  LOL.  I'm not sure what time I opened the email but it has taken me about 30 minutes to get my feet back under me.  My hands were tingling the entire time.  Tears rolled down my face.  I couldn't take my eyes off the image.  I was locked into an energetic trance as life was humming all around me  It was like being thrust into a portal of a time-like wormhole.  I just had to hand on for the ride!  Amazing, absolutely amazing.  Thank you so much for your beautiful services of spirit.

Heather has chatted with my animals several times.  I can immediately feel her genuineness and warmth when we talk.  She intuitively knows the energy and personalities of my fur babies.  Always a pleasure to speak with Heather!


Animal Communication Client

Your Energy is so light and beautiful...

I can't describe it!  Thank you so much for everything.  You've helped me more than any therapist ever has."

B, Soul Alche-Me Client

Energetic Signature Portraits


I want to thank you for the beautiful Energetic Signature Portrait!  It was nothing like I expected!  It was amazing how you picked up that you were guided to draw a past life and Master Guide connection.  I have been taking a course and I have been doing past life readings and working with the Akashic records.  So the message of "it's time to bring my medicine to the world" fits right now in my life.  Thank you again.


It's lovely!  I don't know what I expected, but when I opened it I thought (nonchalantly), "Yep.  That's me."  When I read the message from my guides, I intuitively knew who they were.  That brought happy tears!


Oh my gosh!  I LOVE it!!  You are awesome!  I am so thankful to you for working with my guides/team.  There is so much to see in my Energetic Signature Portrait.  I love, love, love all the colors and patterns.  I am particularly drawn to the turquoise/ocean colors.  I definitely connect with water beings/mermaids.  Thank you so much, Heather!  I am printing and framing this beautiful work of art that you created for me!

I'm definitely going to stay in touch and come back!  Not everybody can tap into me but I felt like you were just so "on" and you break it down so I get it, it clicks for me. We were clicking all the way!  


Soul Alche-Me Client

★ Soul Alche-Me

I wanted to let you know that my session on Saturday made a big difference in the way I feel.  It is the best I have felt in a few weeks and I feel well-grounded now.  Thanks very much.  - E.J.



★ Soul Alche-Me

Thank you so much for the lovely and affirming experience.  Our meeting confirmed many things for me and I will use it as direction and strength going forward.  For this, I thank you. - D.L.


★ Soul Alche-Me

I want to thank you again for the session we had.  You got so much information spot on, you helped me connect many dots.  I watched it again and the depth of your comments made so much sense the second time around!  Keep shining your light and talk to you soon! - S.T.

Animals in Spirit


Animal Communication Client

Heather’s respect for animals and genuine nature are what made me feel I could trust her.  Even after my beloved dogs passing, I was still looking out for his best interest. If I was going to try and connect with him then it had to be someone special.  After finding her on Instagram I chose to do a 3 question session via email . She made it really easy and wasn’t intimidating, in fact she sensed that I wasn’t ready just yet to try and connect with my Charlie boy. I felt she was right and appreciated her observation. It was my first time doing this, so I had questions and she made me feel comfortable about the process. Once I was ready Charlie came through beautifully and she relayed his messages with such detail. It was fun and emotional to hear his messages. Our pets are family and she understands that. If you have been drawn to her page there is a reason. Your beloved pet may be trying to tell you something  They may have chosen her for that connection. Listen to your heart.


Animal Communication Client

I was absolutely devastated when my beloved dog passed away. He was a rescue that we adopted when he was approx 10yrs old, and although he was only with us a little less than 3 years, he had a huge impact on my life. Right before he passed, I was extremely ill, and he stayed by my side throughout it all. So when he suddenly became ill... and even though he had chronic health problems.... it was a surprise. Within a very short time, he was gone. I worried ... had I done enough? Did he know how very important he was to me? Was he aware of how very much I loved and cherished him? Was he upset that we ultimately decided to let him go? Did he feel betrayed by that decision? I was crushed by the loss, and with anxiety over whether the decisions made were the right ones. Realistically, I felt they were... but you always have self doubt.  I had had experiences in the past with those gifted with psychic abilities, and even a lady who was able to communicate with pets; and all those experiences were positive. I was referred to Heather by a friend, and I am very grateful to her for steering me in Heather's direction. Heather was professional, and responsive to all my questions, concerns, and frankly, profound grief and guilt.  As to the reading itself-- it was intense, assuring, and exactly what I needed. She was able to address all my concerns, and even provided "tidbits" from Zerro that I didn't know I needed... but absolutely did. I have no question at all that she indeed made contact with Zerro, was able to pass on information and concerns from me --and bring back his replies and additional messages to me. She was quick in detailing the experience, and getting that summary to me via email.  I have no qualms at all in recommending Heather to anyone who needs resolution, who wants an authentic experience, and genuine closure. She is the real deal.

Wow Heather.  Thank you so much!

I was laying on my couch when I opened the energetic signature portrait.  And, I have been sick and feeling down with a sore throat and cold since yesterday.  When I saw the portrait I felt a feeling like a mother's love and my cold symptoms immediately began to subside and I could breathe much deeper and more calmly.  Like the clouds had scattered and the Sunshine of myself came out!!

TB, Energetic Signature Portrait client

Thank you deeply, Heather, for being our bridge to the voices of the ones we love and cannot yet fully hear ourselves.


Animal Communication Client