Rediscover Your Natural Abilities

With the structure and pressures of modern society, we've forgotten our inherent abilities that empower us to a greater connection with ourselves, others and the world around us.  

The Tuning Into Your Intuition course  gives you the background knowledge, activities and structure to build confidence as you learn.

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Join Intuitive Counselor Heather Mays for a lively course that introduces you to the basics of intuition.  This self-paced, online class includes audio, visual and print material.  It is a highly experiential course with journal activities, meditations and homework to help you along the way.  


Course Outline:


Module One: Demystifying Intuition.  How it's not unique, not a "gift", but is instead a natural ability that can be uncovered, remembered and developed.

Module Two: Your Intuitive Superpowers The extrasensory skills of clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairalience, claircognizance and clairgustance.  What they are, how to use them in your daily life plus activities to practice and develop them.

Module Three: Psychic Protection and Grounding.    The importance of grounding, protecting yourself and having good energetic and psychic practices when using your intuition.

Module Four: Achieving vs. Perceiving vs. Receiving.  The subtle differences in each of these states of being and when/why each plays a role in tuning into your intuition.

Module Five: Frequency and Energy.  How understanding your personal frequency and the energetic frequency of your home helps you more clearly receive intuitive guidance and trust what you receive.

Module Six: Brain Waves.  The science behind "fight or flight" mode, how to find the sweet spot in your brain wave patterns to make a stronger connection to your intuition.

Module Seven: Brain and Heart Coherence   Why synchronizing these two powerful organs can help you in your development and practice of intuition.

Module Eight: Time for PLAY!  Activities to help develop your intuition and why not taking it all too seriously is the best path toward success.

Module Nine: Relaxation and Meditation Techniques: How to set yourself up for success by creating optimal conditions for yourself.

Module Ten: Working with Guides: How to connect to and interact with your Higher Self and Guides.

Module Eleven: Taking Your Intuition Out for a Spin: A Day in the Life challenge to practice tuning into your intuition throughout a regular day.

Module Twelve: Troubleshooting and Possible Roadblocks to Success:  What could potentially get in your way when you start to use your intuitive abilities.

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Tuning Into Your Intuition

Remember your natural intuitive abilities.  Learn skills and techniques to use intuition in your daily life.  Study online in the comfort and privacy of your own home.  Lifetime access to all material.

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