Intuitive Angel Blessing

Channeled from my Guides.  Shared with my community with love.

Bless my eyes so that I may see the beauty in the world.

Bless my ears so that I may hear and know the truth.

Bless my mouth so that I may speak words of kindness to myself and others.

Bless my hands so that I may feel worthy to receive and generous to give.

Bless my feet so that my footsteps fall on the path that is right for me, surrounded by angels, guides and loved ones.

Learn the Story Behind the Blessing

Whimsical Art Just For Fun

Combining eternal love, infinite connection and the angelic realm, this whimsical hand-drawn design brings a fun and light-hearted perspective to the blessing.    Available for digital download, as a signed/autographed print.

Digital download

Access the art now for free as a watermarked (copyrighted) digital download.


The Story Behind the Blessing

Channeled from my Guides.  Shared with my community with love.

During energy healing sessions with clients, I sometimes channel words, sounds, song and movement.  Across multiple sessions, I noticed that I kept repeating the same movements: a circling of my hands toward my eyes, around my ears, toward my mouth, both hands circling with palms up and then both hands circling with palms down, pointed toward my feet.   It happened in so many sessions that I asked my Guides for more information and that's when they shared this blessing with me. 

I am told it is ancient, timeless and of the new Earth (all of the things!).  It grounds us and allows us to open up more to our intuitive abilities.

As I worked more with the blessing over many months, I felt a calling to represent it with a symbol, something that could be a placeholder for all that the blessing contains.  As a result, the Infinity Heart Angel was born and is now shared with my community.

I receive such wonderful feedback regarding this blessing (thank you!).  It is my hope that it gives you comfort, inspiration, joy and peace.

With love,