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Track Your Energy Over Time

Just like a traditional portrait or photograph where our appearance can change over time, the appearance of our Energetic Signature can also change.

Receiving frequent Energetic Signature Portraits can be a great energetic diagnostic tool to see what may be "around" you, impacting you and/or what is in need of addressing and clearing.

Coming into coherence

Changes in our health, environment, emotions and experiences are reflected within our energy.

Patterns and colors often remain similar while size, depth of palette and motion change.
We're often able to witness when energy becomes more vibrant and complex.
Our uniqueness is never lost, but just as our physical appearance changes, so can our energy.

Looking for Something Else Unique? 

My pre-made Energetic Frequency Art includes energetic codes to calibrate you to frequencies of love, inspiration, valor, balance and more.  Pieces are available for instant download.

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