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Books to help you connect, reflect and radiate.

Within each of her 8 published books, Heather provides loving guidance and support for you to explore your Soul's journey and to discover your authentic Self.

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Emmerly Finds Her Light is a children's book for kids of all ages, even the grown-up ones.  Enjoy a whimsical world with twelve practical tips for finding and shining your light. 

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As an Intuitive Counselor, Energy Healer and Channel, I work with clients worldwide to remove energetic blockages and limiting beliefs to support them on their journey of personal development and ascension.  With my books, I'm excited to offer another way to take this work home with you, allowing you to go at your own pace, uncovering your inner wisdom and radiance.  When we take time to reflect on our own stories, our own challenges and our own Soul lessons, we polish our Divine Radiant Light and become beacons for others to rise up and shine!  In Hey Radiant Souls, Shine Radiant Souls and the 5-volume Let it Sync In series, I help you connect, reflect and radiate.

Hey Radiant Souls: A Guide to Finding and Shining Your Light.

We all have times when we feel disconnected.  We get pulled off of our center, swayed by the suggestions and opinions of others or haunted by our own internal dialogue.

Finding your way back to you, your Authentic Self, your Divine Radiant Light, can be a challenging and emotional process, but it doesn't have to feel overwhelming.

Through channeled messages, artwork and personal stories, the book Hey Radiant Souls: A Guide for Finding and Shining Your Light helps you on your journey of self discovery, reconnecting you to your Divine Radiant Light.  

What readers are saying:

"On the eve of my 60th birthday, I'm feeling reborn.  You and your guides are amazing."

"Heather takes the reader on a step by step journey of self-discovery, a journey of self-love and compassion.  If you do the work, you will feel the results."

"The author has a way of expressing herself that truly makes you feel like you're right there with her."

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Shine Radiant Souls


Expanding on the lessons and messages in Hey Radiant Souls, Shine Radiant Souls offers 12 coloring pages, 12 journal prompts with space for writing and 12 motivational quotes.

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Let it Sync In: Affirm Your Awesomeness


Your brain believes what you tell it. It produces the same hormones and chemicals when you imagine an event as when you actually experience that event. Since your brain mirrors back to you, biologically and chemically, that which you feed it, why not serve it delicious, wholesome thoughts that wire you for greatness rather than the tired leftovers of doubt, worry and fear?

Affirmations are a powerful tool to stake a claim in our own personal territory.  They enable us to boldly create and proactively witness the qualities we want to adopt and the realities we want to create.   When combined with elevated emotions like gratitude or joy, the thoughts we think and the words we say synchronize our energy to those very realities.  

Each volume of the Let it Sync In series includes 50 powerful affirmations related to its topic.  There is also abundant space to journal, doodle or draw so that you can record your thoughts, your experiences and your successes to AFFIRM YOUR AWESOMENESS!

Collect all volumes in the series, or grab the ones that resonate most!



Volume One: Personal Power


In our daily lives, we are challenged by busy days filled with appointments, to-do lists, careers and relationships. In the rare moments when we can slow down, we often feel a bit disoriented. Where are we - our true, authentic selves - in the midst of all this modern chaos? How can we replenish our confidence and our inner authority inside a world that can seem to push us around?

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Volume Two: Health


The challenges to our health exist all around us (if we let them!): the stress we carry from our jobs and our relationships, the poor choices we make in diet and exercise, the inherited conditions we share with our ancestors.  In a world that keeps us on the go, how can we maintain and optimize our health?

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Volume Three: Abundance


Many of us aspire to greater quantities of financial abundance. We keep a watchful eye on the horizon for “more”, but we can get in our own way by carrying past life trauma, ancestral and karmic cords and limiting beliefs. How can we break ties with those energetic hindrances blocking us from abundance?

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Volume Four: Love


Love. In short, it’s why we’re all here. It is the undercurrent of our relationships with ourselves, our families, our friends and our partners. It is resplendent in its majesty and yet we can find it challenging to navigate. How can we feel confident and sure-footed in our pursuit of love?

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Volume Five: Joy & Radiance


In our daily modern lives, we’re inundated with programming based on manipulation.  Movies, television, news and social media all too often push for conformity, showing a disregard for our unique Authentic Self that longs for the spark of sovereignty and truth.  Amidst such external noise, how can we stand tall in our own truths and live each day with joy and radiance?


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