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Hey Radiant Souls: A Guide to Finding and Shining Your Light

Find your way back to you!  Through channeled messages, art and personal stories, Heather Mays guides you back to your Authentic Self.

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Rise Up and Shine

How amazing would it be if you felt like the best and highest version of yourself every day?

Learn how to find your way back to you through actionable steps that meet you wherever you are on your journey.

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It can be easy for us to feel that darkness is overwhelming and inescapable.

In our fast-paced lives, we are inundated with stories of suffering, trauma and loss.  Even within our own minds, we can face a daily battle with our own doubts and limiting beliefs.

It’s more important now than ever for us to rise up and shine, connecting with the light within us to transform and heal ourselves and the world around us.

In Hey Radiant Souls: A Guide for Finding and Shining Your Light, Heather Mays combines artwork and messages channeled from her Spirit Guides with stories of life as a psychic, intuitive and energy healer. Activities at the end of each chapter help the reader integrate the messages.

Reconnect with your Authentic Self and shine your light in this world! 

Yes! I'm ready to shine my light!

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Feeling Reborn

On the eve of my 60th birthday, I'm feeling reborn.  I can't tell you how much your teachings and exercises click.  You and your guides are amazing.  Being able to reclaim my intuition is priceless.


Made me laugh and cry

I really enjoyed this book because I love stories of people meeting and overcoming life's challenges. Some parts of the book had me laughing out loud, while others had me cringing with discomfort. The author has a way of expressing herself that truly makes you feel like you're right there with her. I look forward to reading more from this author. 


If you do the work, you will feel the results

Heather is a very transparent and humble author. Heather takes the reader on a step by step journey of self-discovery, a journey of self-love and compassion. If you're hesitant, then I recommend reading the book through completely without doing the activities. Then go back and do the work, chapter by chapter. Take the time and do the work. And bookmark the chapters/activities that resonated the most - and do them again. And again. And again. The chapters are quick and concise, with real-life examples and witty turns. It's an easy read physically, but definitely a hill climb emotionally. As you read, something inside you feels the struggle and chooses to keep going. Listen to that voice. If you do the work, you will feel the results.

This book made me uncomfortable - a proverbial mirror in front of my face. And that's because it's working! Joining Heather and her online community takes the book and the content to the next 15 levels. I highly recommend it!


connect.  reflect.  radiate.


Shine Radiant Souls  

Anchor in the lessons and messages from Hey Radiant Souls with this coloring and journaling companion workbook.  Bring your own artistic flair to the 12 designs from the original book and complete 12 new activities.  This unique workbook includes space to journal and motivational quotes for each lesson.


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About the Author 

Heather Mays is a Certified Intuitive Counselor, Animal Communicator, Energy Healer for Pets & People, Photographer and Artist.   She is the founder of The Aware Method Program for Conscious and Connected Living and the developer of the Soul Alche-ME healing modality.   She works with clients worldwide remotely from her home in North Carolina.

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The artwork within the book is energetically encoded with the vibration of its lesson.

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