It is my highest honor and greatest excitement to serve you as you continue along your journey!  The art below represents the radiant beauty of so many amazing individuals!

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Energetic Signature Portrait

Sacred, custom and personal art of your unique energetic signature.  Includes high resolution digital download of the completed portrait plus 15-page pdf booklet with brief interpretation, channeled message and general tips for working with and "reading" your portrait.   Click the Order Now button to learn more, read frequently asked questions and purchase.

Energetic Signature Portrait for a Pet

Sacred, custom and personal art of your pet's unique energetic signature.  Includes high resolution digital download of the completed portrait. (For pets in Spirit, please select the Energetic Signature Portrait for a Loved One in Spirit). Click the Order Now button to learn more, read frequently asked questions and purchase.

Energetic Signature Portrait
for a Loved One in Spirit (Person or Pet)

Sacred, custom and personal art of the energetic signature of a loved on in Spirit who has crossed over and is no longer in physical form. Includes high resolution digital download of the completed portrait.  Click the Order Now button to learn more, read frequently asked questions and purchase.

Energetic Signature Portrait for a Relationship

Sacred, custom and personal art for the unique energetic signature of a relationship. Includes high resolution digital download of the completed portrait.  Click the Order Now button to learn more, read frequently asked questions and purchase.

Soul Gateway Art

Unique, custom art representing the sacred geometry and energetic signature of the gateway transition of a Soul's arrival to (birth) or departure from (death) this lifetime.  Available for people or pets.

One Year of Energetic Signature Portraits

Check in on your energy throughout a full year and receive one Energetic Signature Portrait every twelve weeks.  This is a great way to see your development and evolution reflected in your sacred geometry.  And even better...there's a per portrait discount when you order a package!


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Frequently Asked Questions

A Sacred Reflection

I sit in ceremony with your Higher Self (and guides, ancestors, loved ones) and translate the colors, shapes, light codes and textures that come through during that time.  

Clients often have powerful reactions to these pieces.  Many feel tingling or buzzing. Some feel dizzy or come to tears.  Others feel a sense of déja vu because the symbols and colors feel so familiar and resonant.  

You can use your sacred artwork in meditation, as a map for a crystal grid, or to prompt journaling exercises.  Many clients display their portraits at home as a reminder of their connection to universal life, guidance and personal radiance.

A dynamic representation of YOU, the  Energetic Signature Portrait is a powerful tool of connection, sacred remembering and exploration.



Wowww I absolutely love it.  Thank you so much!  I can't wait to get it printed!  I'm blown away by how beautiful it is and the message received was so lovely and made me a little emotional.  LOL.  You are an angel on this earth!  Very very  grateful.



Dear Heather, Thank you so very much.  When I first saw my picture my heart did a massive boom in my chest and I burst into tears - so many raw emotions came to the surface.  Thank you again, with love and light.



I just received my Energetic Signature Portrait and I am overwhelmed with emotion and joy.  If you haven't signed up for one of these from Heather, I encourage you to see what she sees and what her guides see and how it can really impact you!!!!! Beyond thrilled to have this, it means so much to me.  Thank you Heather!  



Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your portrait.  Every time I look at it I see something different.  I see angels.  My very first impression was flowers.  I know that is obvious, but I am an artist and I've been painting Texas wildflowers, in my impressionist kind of way, for a long time.  So it's amazing that my portrait looks like a big beautiful flower filled with a world of wonderful things.  Thanks, I needed that!  Wishing you lots of love and peace.



I want to thank you for sharing your gift and talent and creating this beautiful Energetic Signature Portrait.  I have to say that I am blown away as to how accurate the message is that you channeled and gave me.  I actually teared up, the sensitive side of me coming out.  I am grateful to have come across your work and see something that verifies what I already seem to know.  Thank you with love.



Thank you for creating my energy portrait.  I love it!   Your interpretation is very accurate.  When I look at my portrait, I feel a sense of calmness wash over me.   It all feels very "right" although I don't have the words to express exactly what I mean by this.



Your message and portrait touched me at the soul level, it did truly resonate with me.  I admittedly choked up a bit while reading the message and viewing the portrait.



The pastel colours and shapes reached out to me.  Some of the patterns reminded me of feathers, which I love and they link me to my Native American heritage.  I also love blue and purple and the light in the center may be small but it shines so brightly.  I love star shapes and pyramids too.  Your reading was accurate too.



Thank you for your beautiful work and your interpretation.  I love it!  I'm so glad you do what you do.



Beautiful!, thanks so very much!!!!  It feels warm and familiar, like home!  I feel it deeply, and peacefully.



I want to thank you for offering this service.  I love it!  Your interpretation and channeled message are fantastic and really spot on.  Thank you thank you.



As I further studied the portrait, I had no doubt that it was me!!!!!  You are so talented and I am humbled by the magnificence of it. 


OMG Heather!  This piece is amazing!  When I first looked at the portrait, I was smacked in the face with Love Bubbles and Protection.  I can feel and see it radiating off the piece.  The colors are beautiful.   This is so beautiful - Thank you again - I could stare at it for hours.


Hi Heather, I just wanted you to know how much I love my Energetic Signature Portrait.  It is so awe inspiring to me and speaks to me on so many levels.  I had it printed...and the colors are so much more vibrant and alive on canvas.  Thank you for your amazing and talented gift that you are sharing with the world.  You are one of those beautiful people that truly makes the world a better place.


It's lovely!  I don't know what I expected, but when I opened it I thought (nonchalantly), "Yep.  That's me."  When I read the message from my guides, I intuitively knew who they were.  That brought happy tears!


This was outstanding and stunning!  Love the colors!  Love it and will get a big print made.


It's beautiful and made me feel to cry.  It affirmed what I found from the universe and my higher soul.  Thank you so much for your work!  I really appreciate it!  I don't know how to express what I'm feeling now.

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Before placing your order, learn what to expect.

Frequently Asked Questions


Both my mom and I were blown away at the accuracy of your reading and the beauty of my mom's soul energy.  She's counting the days until she has a session with you.



Thank you so much for our portraits.  We were all so excited to see them.  The messages for us were pretty spot on.  My son has been told he's lived many lives as an American Indian.  His image seemed to have feathers on the edge, truly awesome!  We have all been studying the images to feel any further messages and open our intuition.  We are just trying to learn these skills.  Again thank you so much!!



The portrait Heather and her guides completed for me was amazing.  So many aspects resonated instantly.  The more I study it, the more meanings come to light.  I was studying it this morning and I am in awe.  It is full of animals.  Hawks, owls, frogs, foxes, butterflies, moths and more!  It is such a blessing.



Dear Beautifully Gifted Heather!!!   This is soooo exciting - my present to myself.  I will definitely be working with it & I love the messages you gave me already, so very true.  You are very gifted & I just LOVE IT.

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