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It is my highest honor and greatest excitement to serve you as you continue along your journey!    More examples of Energetic Signature Portraits  are shared farther down this page.

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Omg seriously i was sooooo blown away.  Every time i look at it i get emotional, i was touched deep in my heart when i read it, made me cry happy tears, thank you soooo much and God bless you.


Heather - still processing this but this is amazing...thank you so much!!!   This is on point and what I needed to hear.


Thank you for the beautiful artwork. I love it.  I got chills when I saw it. When I get chills like that I know it’s my angels connecting with me.  So I know they connected with you too when you made this for me.  Your message as well as the channeled message I felt very deeply.


Oh Heather, I am so grateful for my portrait and your divine gifts and abilities.  Thank you so very much for this beautiful gift.  I had an instant connection to what I was seeing and the concentric circles like a wave I responded to as well.  I looked at it first, then read what you wrote which confirmed exactly what I was feeling in my soul.  This is powerful stuff, but so much confirmation that I have been asking for desperately all my life.  It’s so amazing how God puts things in our lives at the right time and space and I am so grateful, humbled, honored and happy to have found you and your services.


First of all, WOW.  I just opened my email to see my beautiful portrait.  I wanted to let you know that my first feeling was in my heart and I felt pure light like a white light - almost weightless is the best way to describe that feeling.  I absolutely love the message and feel that it was spot on.


OH HEATHER!  I'M LITERALLY WEEPING!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!  GOOD TEARS LOL VERY GOOD  :) The intuitive feedback was spot on! Thank you. 


I wanted to take the time to say a huge thank you for my portrait.  I am beyond thrilled with it and the explanations you gave.  Thank you for your beautiful insightful gifts. 


Your work is beautiful!  Opening your channeled artwork as its 1:11 as I write this  LOL.  I'm not sure what time I opened the email but it has taken me about 30 minutes to get my feet back under me.  My hands were tingling the entire time.  Tears rolled down my face.  I couldn't take my eyes off the image.  I was locked into an energetic trance as life was humming all around me  It was like being thrust into a portal of a time-like wormhole.  I just had to hand on for the ride!  Amazing, absolutely amazing.  Thank you so much for your beautiful services of spirit.


You say WOW, I say WOW WOW WOW!!! How Beautiful.  Just wanted to drop a short note on my first reaction.  I love it. 


Wow Heather.  Thank you so much!  I was laying on my couch when I opened the energetic signature portrait.  And, I have been sick and feeling down with a sore throat and cold since yesterday.  When I saw the portrait I felt a feeling like a mother's love and my cold symptoms immediately began to subside and I could breathe much deeper and more calmly.  Like the clouds had scattered and the Sunshine of myself came out!!


When I saw the design I was like WOW!  It's so beautiful.  My life is changing in so many ways, I'm finally finding me.  I am so grateful for this gift you've given me.  I am honored to have this.  Excited to see how this path unfolds.


Your painting is so beautiful!  My very first impression is that it reminded me of a Dream Catcher or Native American drum design floating in space.  My second impression around the center brought me back to a Chakra tuning experience I had and when it got to my third eye, I saw a similar rotating disc and this looks very much like the flat version of that experience.  


Oh my gosh!  I LOVE it!!  You are awesome!  I am so thankful to you for working with my guides/team.  There is so much to see in my Energetic Signature Portrait.  I love, love, love all the colors and patterns.  I am particularly drawn to the turquoise/ocean colors.  I definitely connect with water beings/mermaids.  Thank you so much, Heather!  I am printing and framing this beautiful work of art that you created for me!


Oh My Gosh!!  These pictures and messages are so beautiful.  Thank you!  I am so very happy they have totally touched my heart and soul.


Whoa!  Magnificent!  I'm stunned.  I see movement, in two directions.  The colors sheer joy.  There are interwoven patterns I'm very taken with.  It is quite intense, I can only look for a few minutes then I have to take a break and come back to it.  You pegged me in your description.  All of those things are true.  Thank you so much!


I want to thank you for the beautiful Energetic Signature Portrait!  It was nothing like I expected!  It was amazing how you picked up that you were guided to draw a past life and Master Guide connection.  I have been taking a course and I have been doing past life readings and working with the Akashic records.  So the message of "it's time to bring my medicine to the world" fits right now in my life.  Thank you again.


I want to thank you for my Energetic Signature Portrait.  You were spot on!


Omg!!!!  Hi Heather thank you so much my portrait is just beautiful.  The colors are spot on.  I'm always seeing the colors around the entire image when I close my eyes.  The image itself is exactly where I'm at today, edgier on the inside but surrounded by those beautiful soft rounded edges.  I love circles and round edges.  My gut feeling is I'm always finding ways to smooth things out i this realm.  Thank you and bountiful blessings upon your endeavors.  May God's blessings be upon you.


Thank you Heather!  I am also an intuitive and do auto drawing as well as scribing.  I do resonate with the rose, the wind, cycling or coiling counterclockwise, and the mountain peaks of challenges and leadership.  I am of jewel tones and blues and gold.  I work with the high councils and of hyper universe construct.  A galactic gladiator, so I also see my shield with code compartments.  


I wanted to share with you my reaction to the portrait.  At very first glance I thought gosh, those colors are not what I would have expected.  But as I looked at it after a few seconds longer I began thinking "grass, trees, mountains, sky and love".  I fought back tears, seriously!  Then when I read your interpretation, it is so perfectly me.  I'm overwhelmed at how accurately your thoughts described who I am.  I didn't consciously think about all these things before seeing this drawing, but definitely sub-conscious contains them.  So, thank you for using your talents to provide these unique, gorgeous treasures for others.  Much love and be blessed.


Yeah! I love it.  I really enjoyed the description also.  I can't wait to have this printed.  It will hang proudly in my office.


Can't even express my gratitude and appreciation!!! Thank you with the full energy of my heart!


WOW this sacred artwork is STUNNING!!! My eyes popped out when I first saw it - absolutely beautiful!  Sooo colorful!!  You do absolutely magnificent wrk!! I love looking at this all day long.  You really hit the meaning of those three areas on my artwork perfectly.  Yes that's exactly what is happening right now in my life - so incredibly awesome!!!.  Thank you for your amazing abilities and to share this with humanity!  Lots of gratitude to you!


I absolutely love my energetic portrait!  It's just absolutely beautiful.  You have such a special gift and talent.  I have been working on a little meditation corner i my living room and had the portrait printed on an 8x10 wooden frame to place in the area.  Really appreciate your time, energy and detail that went into it.

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