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Energy Healing for Pets

You love them like family.  Support their energetic, emotional and physical needs with holistic care.

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Support Your Pet's Physical, Emotional and Behavioral Health

Regular energy healing sessions support optimal health, behavior and performance.

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Let's Get Personal for a Minute

What's your self care routine?  Do you keep your monthly massage appointment?  Do you drink a steamy mug of well-crafted coffee while you check your socials each morning? 

How do those rituals make you feel?  Pretty good, right?  Like you've come back to yourself and are ready to take on the world?!

You feel good because you're taking time to ground, center, reconnect and clean out the energetic pollution you've accumulated from being human in a modern society.  

Our pets benefit from healing work too.



It's Not Just You

We lead busy lives.  We bring home the stresses from our workday and from our family get-togethers.  We walk in the door anxious from traffic or amped up from a great night out with friends.

The energy we bring into the household directly impacts our pets.  Energy healing works to balance and clear the accumulated energetic toxins.  


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A Gentle But Powerful Tool

Energy Healing is a non-invasive, holistic tool to support healing in pets with acute or chronic conditions.

It's also a powerful tool in maintaining your pet's health even when there isn't evidence of disease or illness.

I've worked with pets worldwide for over ten years.  My clients have seen improvements in health, endurance and mobility as well as decreased pain and inflammation across a wide variety of conditions like arthritis, cancer, epilepsy, kidney disease, pancreatitis, protein losing enteropathy, founder, colic, ligament injuries, and amputations. 

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We had no idea what we were going to do about our new rescue, Leo, until we found Heather. He's changed completely and is the happiest little guy! We have a long road ahead of us but are so lucky to have Heather's help.


Palmer would only "army crawl" from one spot to another when absolutely necessary so he could go out to potty. After his sessions with Heather and her advice as to what I need to do and stop doing we saw a gradual shift in his confidence level. He not only held his head high but he trusted my voice and my touch for the first time. Palmer also initiated play while outside instead of rushing to do his business and get back inside to his safe space.

Energy Healing for Pets is a holistic and supportive session that allows for energetic blockages to be cleared from your pet (when it is in the best and highest interest for that to occur). Disease begins within the energy body before it manifests into the physical body. Healing the energy body also allows improvement to flow from energy to physical matter. 

It does not replace veterinary care and I do not offer diagnosis or confirmation of diagnosis as I am not legally permitted to do so without a medical license.  

As a trance channel for energy healing, I connect with your pet's unique energetic signature and transmit the healing codes, activations and support that come through me in the channeled state. 

This process facilitates healing for the pet. It is always the pet's body that does the actual healing, it is not me. 

All sessions are conducted remotely.  We do not meet in person, via phone call or via Zoom.  I tune into your pet's energy using a photo that you send me using an online submission form you receive after you schedule your appointment.

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Healing may come in all forms. It may not look like a physical correction of abnormalities, however that can certainly occur. It may be most beneficial for the pet to release other blockages that we do not detect with our physical senses. Often, the best healing is the gentle energy provided during the session which supplements the pet's body's own innate healing.

After your pet's Energy Healing session with me, I will send you an email with a link to a secure site where you can download my notes from your pet's session. This approach allows me to keep notes on file so that if we work together in the future, I have those notes to refer back to. 

During each of your pet's Energy Healing sessions, I will

  • balance and align your pet's energy centers (chakras)
  • release energetic blockages that were ready to release from wherever they appear within the body
  • reinforce your pet's Energetic Architecture, the auric grid that surrounds the physical body
  • review the energetic health of all major bodily systems (skin, muscle, bones, organs) and channel energy to support these systems
  • acknowledge and allow any additional healing that wants to come through me to be shared with your pet
  • approach each session as new, without prejudice of any diagnosis or prior healing outcome.  This allows what is in the highest and best good for the animal to come through.
Click Here to Download a 2-page Guide on What to Expect for Energy Healing for Pets

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Hi, I'm Heather.  I'm passionate about supporting the physical, mental and emotional health of our pets.

Experiences with my own dogs' health and behavioral issues led me to seek alternative methods for supplementing their traditional veterinary care and training. 

I fell in love with Reiki, TTouch and other forms of energy healing.  I spent years studying different modalities and saw amazing results in my work with my own pets and animals in rescue organizations where I was a volunteer.

Now, in my work with clients, I combine multiple energy healing modalities in sessions that are customized for each client.   

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I've partnered with clients around the world for over ten years.  My communication style is relaxed and encouraging, a balance of the mystical and the practical -  like having a chat with a friend over coffee.   I approach each session as an opportunity to learn from the beautiful story that is unique to you and your pet.   I value your privacy and maintain strict ethical boundaries.  I've walked the talk - I've made good decisions and bad decisions regarding my own pets and I know the challenge of navigating all the recommendations and opinions of others that we receive as pet guardians.  During a session,  I hold a sacred space of connection and healing for your pets and utilize healing modalities that serve the animal's best and highest good for whatever healing they may need.

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"Her sessions with you always give her such pep!  Believe me, I always know when she has had a session with you, she is always back to her sweet, special, playful self."  - Candace

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Select the appointment time that works best for your needs.  You do not need to be with your pet at the time of the appointment.  During the appointment time, your pet should be allowed to have a quiet space to relax if they choose to do so.

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Session Packages

Support your pet's optimal health with regularly-scheduled Energy Healing sessions at 20% off the single session fee.   These are a great option for pets with chronic conditions.

Sessions are conducted between 12pm EST and 7pm EST Tuesday-Thursday.

All sessions are remote.  You and I don't meet via phone or video and you don't need to be with your pet at the time of the session.

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Many clients prefer to schedule bi-weekly appointments for their pet(s) for a whole year.  This option allows early booking and priority scheduling on my calendar and the peace of mind that your pet is receiving regular energetic maintenance.  Appointments can be rescheduled as-needed and these packages have the deepest per session discount pricing.   Pay in full and monthly payment plans are available.   Multi-pet options are available too, so this is a great option for those of us with many furry family members!

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