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Animal Communication

Are you ready to transcend the ordinary and awaken a deeper connection with your pets?


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Have you ever wondered what your dog or cat thought about the new food or activity you've started?   Did you adopt a pet and want to know more about their life before you met?  Do you have a naughty horse who won't load up in a trailer and you can't figure out what is spooking her?

These are all things that an Animal Communication session can help with.  

love.  connect.  grow.

Maybe you...


Notice that your cat is refusing to use the litterbox after years of doing it perfectly.

Live with a dog who has a health issue and you want to know which treatment or care provider feels best for her.

Will soon be going back to work and want to learn how best to support your pet who will be home alone during your work hours.

Yes! I want to hear directly from my pet!
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What Others Are Saying


Thank you so much, Heather, for connecting to my little PD boy! You’re so amazing and it’s so beautiful what you’re sharing with the world and the healing you’re doing connecting to our furry friends. I highly recommend Heather to anyone looking to reconnect with their animals in Spirit!  So accurate and amazing!


Cotton is beginning his transition and I'm struggling much more than I thought I would be. Looking at the last couple years with him, I realize how much he's taught me - and I wanted to thank you for opening my eyes to how our animals help us along in our journeys in this life. It’s given me a new look on life.I know he'll probably leave me soon, but because of you, I’m able to appreciate the gift he's given in his two years here. So thank you, Heather. Really, it means so much more to me knowing that if he's leaving, it means he's done his job and his soul is okay . I appreciate you more than you know..


We so enjoyed the reading the other day and it has been reverberating with me ever since! Thank you again!  Will be scheduling another session soon to connect with our dogs who have moved on.


Honoring the Connection

We are transformed through our relationships with our pets and our pets are transformed through their relationships with us.  In an Animal Communication session, I not only connect you with your pet to hear their point of view directly, but we explore how your relationship impacts your Soul's journey.


What We'll Explore: 

  • Identifying what works and what doesn't work in your pet's current environment
  • Learning how best to support their emotional, behavioral and physical health
  • Understanding your sacred role in one another's lives

How Does It Work?

I connect to your pet using telepathy, the shared energetic resonance that allows for an instantaneous transfer of pictures, words, sensations and emotions. 

Each animal can have a different communication style, so messages may come through to me as actual words, as thoughts, as feelings or as physical sensations.  Most often, it is a combination of all of the above.   

My job is to translate the messages I receive into words that I share with you. 

The beauty of telepathy is that the language, country of origin or physical abilities of your pet have no bearing.  We communicate through the quantum realm, the space that exists between all matter and all life. 

Session Duration

I offer Zoom sessions in durations of 30 or 60 minutes.  The length of session you choose is entirely up to you.  A longer session allows for a more in-depth conversation to evolve and gives your pet more opportunity to share their unique perspectives, opinions and answers to your questions.


A One-Hour Session is Recommended For: 

  • Connecting with pets in Spirit¬†¬†
  • Addressing complex behavioral or health concerns
  • Exploring the soul-level connection you share with your pet (their role in your current lifetime, past lifetimes together, etc).
  • Connecting with more than two animal companions
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Client Feedback


Heather’s respect for animals and genuine nature are what made me feel I could trust her.  She made it really easy and wasn’t intimidating.  Charlie came through beautifully and she relayed his messages with such detail. It was fun and emotional to hear his messages. Our pets are family and she understands that. If you have been drawn to her page there is a reason. Your beloved pet may be trying to tell you something  They may have chosen her for that connection. Listen to your heart.


Thanks again for your help with Jackson.  I don't have words to describe how grateful we are.  I can tell he is much happier and feels more secure here.   He is also much more willing to make eye contact now.  Before I think his insecurities caused him to want to avoid making eye contact.  Overall a very positive change.  He is more at ease, which has made our other problem dog settle down a bit as well.


Heather was professional, and responsive to all my questions, concerns, and frankly, profound grief and guilt.  As to the reading itself-- it was intense, assuring, and exactly what I needed. She was able to address all my concerns, and even provided "tidbits" from Zerro that I didn't know I needed... but absolutely did. I have no question at all that she indeed made contact with Zerro, was able to pass on information and concerns from me --and bring back his replies and additional messages to me. She was quick in detailing the experience, and getting that summary to me via email.  I have no qualms at all in recommending Heather to anyone who needs resolution, who wants an authentic experience, and genuine closure. She is the real deal.


That was so much fun!  And really explained a lot of what has molded Monty into the dog he is today :)

We thoroughly enjoyed our time with you. Thank you for sharing your gift of communication. I downloaded the recording and will be watching it, probably a few times. So much to take in!

We can connect with living pets or pets in Spirit

On 6/11, I lost my dearest soul companion. I rescued Paco 13yrs ago and at the time he was 2-2 1/2 yrs old. He was my family, my son; and I didn’t know adult life without him. Heather was able to connect to him, and the dream I had the second night after he passed she confirmed without me even speaking to her about it. In my dream I saw my sweet Paco smiling and happy, showing me how HUGE his wings were. He was only 12 pounds, but his wings were almost 6-7ft tall. Heather explained that he made a point to show her his wings, and that it took a bit to find the right ones, he got such a large pair because they were to fit his spirit, not his size. That couldn’t be any more true! She gave me peace about my divorce that I felt Paco had held resentment over me for splitting our family. I didn’t realize that he knew and saw how bad the relationship was for my mental and emotional health and he was happy and proud of me that I found the strength to leave.  If you’re looking for someone who can connect to your energy and your beloved fur baby at the same time, Heather would be an incredible choice! - Gracie

How Would Hearing from Your Pets Change Your Life?

Hi, I'm Heather. 

I'm passionate about sharing the voices of our animal companions and honoring the sacred connection we share.

Imagine a world where our pets have a say in the care they receive, the activities they participate in and the relationships they share with other pets in the home.  We can advocate for them best when we learn from their perspectives.

It is my highest honor to translate the precious voices of these sacred souls.

Learn More About Me


I've partnered with clients around the world for over ten years.  My communication style is relaxed and encouraging, a balance of the mystical and the practical -  like having a chat with a friend over coffee.   I approach each session as an opportunity to learn from the beautiful story that is unique to you and your pets.   I value your privacy and maintain strict ethical boundaries.  I've walked the talk - I've made good decisions and bad decisions regarding my own pets and I know the challenge of navigating all the recommendations and opinions of others that we receive as pet guardians.  During a session,  I hold a sacred space of connection where you and your pets feel safe to share whatever questions, answers and messages serve your best, most benevolent and highest good.

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Heather has chatted with my animals several times.  I can immediately feel her genuineness and warmth when we talk.  She intuitively knows the energy and personalities of my Fur Babies.  Always a pleasure to speak with Heather! - Lindsey

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I am not currently accepting cases with aggressive animals.
Please work with a trainer, behaviorist or locate another animal communicator who accepts these types of cases.

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