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What Your Pets Want You to Know

I recently finished teaching an amazing 7-week live online Animal Communication class. Every student in class was able to experience the joy of connecting with and receiving verifiable information from at least one animal.

It might be easy to assume from that that level of success that animal communication is simple. While it is something that anyone can learn, dismissing it as easy risks categorizing it as not profound, not important and not sacred.

Developing an ability to hold space for, witness, accept and communicate with another being - is one of the most sacred gifts we have as humans. 

Just like we would learn any language, we begin our study of animal communication with simple questions, asked of multiple volunteer pets. We ask them things like "What's your favorite food?", "What activities do you enjoy?" "What do you not like?", "Does your family call you by any other names?" and "What is your job within your home?". We also ascertain and describe a pet's general personality through our connection with them.

Although the questions are basic, getting confirmation on something you "heard" from the animal is such a delight. The real joy (and the real work!) in learning animal communication isn't in being right or wrong with your conversation. It's in understanding in a practical way how your extrasensory perceptive abilities work and navigating each communication session with more confidence and grace.

It is from this space of confidence and abundant practice that we can then connect with our own pets in deep and profound ways. 

As a professional animal communicator, I am blessed to hear the precious voices of our animal companions on matters of life, health, energy and relationships.  I wanted to share some of the common themes I hear - what our pets want us to know:

1. They have their own Soul lessons that they are learning.
Just like people, animals choose to incarnate into a physical form, often to explore themes or lessons. They may be experiencing challenges in integrating into a new home, issues of anxiety or have challenging health conditions as a way for their Soul to develop and learn. Sometimes these lessons are parallel to or in contribution to their human companion's life themes. We often partner together to grow as Souls.

2. They "hear" much more than you might think.
I made it a rule early on in my professional career to only communicate with a pet when I have the permission from their human guardian. Why? Pets are always tuned in to their environments and can (and will!) reveal things that happen inside the home. During the most recent animal communication class, a pig named Poppy told students that she loved Oreo cookies. Her human mom was surprised to learn that her husband was sneaking these extra treats to Poppy when mom wasn't looking.

3. They are tuned in to our energy.
The thoughts we think and the emotions we feel can be witnessed by our animals. Some couldn't care less but some are affected by the subtleties of energy. Be the emotional leader of your home, setting the tone for all the creatures living within it to enjoy peace and balance.

4. They often know when it is time for them to transition.
Pets are often aware of their upcoming departure from a physical body. They may not know the specifics or the exact "when", but they can have a sense that their energy is transitioning - usually a week or two prior to their death. They may temporarily pop out of their physical body during their sleep and pull their energy out bit by bit during their transition process. Although they understand that death is a difficult topic for many humans, for most pets, it is a natural transition without the emotions of fear, anxiety or sorrow.

5. They often choose us.
We're sometimes under the illusion that we select the pets who come home with us. While that may be the case from time to time, often our pets do the choosing. Our Soul animals - those with whom we share an extra special bond - are often aware of and monitoring our lives from Spirit before they incarnate. They then know where and when to intersect our paths to facilitate a meeting (or reunion!)

6. They can and do reincarnate.
While not every pet chooses to come back into a physical body, many do elect another "go-round". They may have more lessons they wish to pursue for their Soul's growth or they may wish to come back to be with their same family member(s) to continue that relationship in a physical form. 

7. We're not imagining the connection and the love.
For those who aren't "pet people", it can be challenging to understand the depth of connection we feel with our pets. Animals are every bit as wise, deep and soulful as humans - and they want us to know that we are not imagining the special connection that we share with them.

Whether you're currently sharing your couch and your leftovers with an animal companion or you're looking to welcome an animal into your home soon, the relationship that you share and the lessons you learn at a Soul level from the beautiful companionship of a pet are life-changing. I wish you much joy, love and inspiration along your journey.

If you're ready to have a deeper connection and conversation with your pets (living or in Spirit), you can schedule and Animal Communication Session here.