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How to Trust Your Intuition

We've all been there - we make progress on our intuitive development and then we hit a roadblock that makes us doubt everything. I like to look at doubt as an opportunity to check in with myself. That's all doubt is - a question, prompting you to go farther along the sacred journey of Self.  DO (Do) U (You) B (Believe) T (This)? 

One of the questions I get asked most is "How Can I Trust My Intuition?" The simplest answer is the purest but also the most challenging. You just do. Trust is always a choice that you make. It is your belief system, based on evidence that you feel you've collected from your experience. If you don't like the evidence or the story that you're telling based on the evidence, then rewrite the story and/or find new evidence.  Identify the doubts, work to shift them, and trust will come.

When we need to adjust our stories or collect more evidence to shift our beliefs, these actions can help:

Learn where you body identifies truth.
In your everyday, "non-intuitive" life, how do you feel when something is not true? When someone tells you a lie, where does your body register it? Spend some time observing how your body communicates with you as you go through your day. Make note of where you feel tension or a shift in energy within your body. You can practice this on your own as well, saying a statement you know to be true followed by a statement you know to be false. How does each feel within your body? The signs may be very subtle - a quickening of pulse, a twitch in a muscle, a tension in your jaw or neck. Everyone's signs will be different. Learning your body's communication clues can then help you as you develop your intuition. Your body can become a barometer of truth for the intuitive messages you receive.

Are you judging your experience or observing it?
One of the things that can block our intuition is our self-criticism.  We can turn off our internal critic when we shift to observer mode, witnessing what we receive rather than trying to define and qualify it right when we receive it. I'm a big fan of journaling for this reason as it helps to think of ourselves as taking field notes on this new landscape. Rather than trying to immediately interpret an intuitive message, first document it as clearly as you can, capturing the details. This not only helps train your mind to stay in observation mode but keeping these field notes can help you build a library of your intuitive messages. Having that history to review can help you build trust in what you receive.

Are you too rigid in what you classify as "right"?
We often apply really narrow parameters to ourselves when we're learning. Identifying the small successes, the bits of messages that are correct, can be helpful in building our trust of our own intuition. This can include stopping any comparisons with others and applying an "eyes on your own paper" approach. Our intuition works in a way that is unique to us. What someone receives and how they receive it has no impact on our own intuitive abilities. Judging ourselves too harshly can cause our doubt to take root like a rampant weed. When a baby is learning to walk, we don't judge it when it falls. We understand that developing a powerful skill takes time. Our intuitive development is the same.

Are you valuing the opinions of others more than your own?
Often when we start to speak with friends and loved ones about our intuitive development, we're met with blank stares, disbelief or even hurtful comments. Inherent in the intuitive path is a rock solid relationship with Self in which you know, value and honor your own beliefs and opinions and are not swayed by the beliefs and opinions of others. Finding supportive communities, friendships and mentors can help you talk about what you're experiencing without fear of judgment. 

For more tips on how to develop trust in your intuitive abilities, watch my video below where I chat more about how to build the sacred trust of self with all things intuitive.  If you'd like to connect for one-on-one coaching, I invite you to check out my LUMINOUS Accelerator Coaching here.