I am not currently accepting new Lost Pet cases but check out this page for tips and techniques you can use to reunite with your pet.
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Assistance for Locating Lost Pets

A Lost Pet consultation combines techniques in Animal Communication, Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing to give you information to help locate your pet.  


What To Expect: 

  • I combine Animal Communication with Remote Viewing, Remote Influencing and Energy Healing to connect to your pet.

  • I provide these services one time per consultation.  For the fairness of all clients who wish to work with me in this capacity, if you would like me to work with you on the recovery of your pet over a number of days, multiple consultations will need to be purchased.

  • While I have helped many clients reunite with their pets, please understand there is no guarantee of success. 


    • There are many variables in working with a lost pet.  An animal's mental and emotional state when they are lost may make clear communication challenging.  Many animals are in survival mode when they are lost and may not want or be able to provide me with details that would be helpful in locating them.   

      A pet's location and circumstances can change rapidly and information that is valid at the time I work with the pet may be very quickly outdated.

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  • Sessions are email-based.  I connect with your pet remotely and send you notes from the information I received.

  • I am unable to respond to emails or text messages about lost pets received outside of this consultation process.  I also cannot recommend whether or not a consultation will work for you.  You are the only one empowered to make that decision on your behalf.

  • I encourage you to review the information on this page and use your own discernment to determine if a lost pet consultation is right for you.   Even if a session does not feel resonant for you at this time, there is information here that can help you during your search.

Whether we work together or not, I wish you a peaceful heart and a happy reunion with your pet!

Evidence to Help Your Search


"Heather is ah-Mays-ing! Completely got in touch with our missing puppy, Yoda. Heather helped us contact Yoda and told us that the people that had Yodie Coyote were in food services and to hang flyers in the groceries. She also said Yoda could not escape but if she could, it was unlikely she could find her way home.  Turns out Yoda was 35 minutes from home and with guys that worked at Publix grocery!" - Kara

Your energy is key...


Your active and balanced participation in the recovery of your pet is very important.

You are the one with the super-charged relationship with your pet.  All of the love that you share between you is the magnet and glue that bond you together.   My intuitive and animal communication services are only a part of the overall recovery effort.

Understand that you are empowered to be an active participant in the recovery of your pet.

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Your Emotions


Realizing that your beloved furry friend is lost can trigger feelings of panic, guilt, loss and grief.  These feelings sometimes push us into a state of desperation where we operate from a low vibration of fear.   When we are in a fearful state, we collapse the wave of all that is possible and limit the resolutions to our situation.

It is valid and expected to have deep emotions when your pet is lost.  When you are in the active recovery phase of searching for your pet, it is helpful to quickly process (move past) those emotions that have a negative resonance so that you can be a better vibrational match for a positive outcome.

Using the Emotional Guidance Scale (by Abraham Hicks), examine your own feelings.  What emotions are you experiencing?  What actions can you take to shift into a higher frequency emotion where you allow for greater possible outcomes?

Tips for Locating Lost Pets

In addition to being great ways to network within your community, these actions signal your energetic intent to locate your pet.

  • Check all local area shelters.  Go to the shelter, don't just call with a description of your pet.  Look at the pets they have brought in as strays.  Leave your contact information at the shelters.  Many shelters have a Lost and Found pet book at the front desk - place your pet's picture and your info in that book.

  • Post flyers in your area with your pet's picture and your contact information.  Post at visible locations like intersections but also in stores where allowed.

  • Post your pet as lost on neighborhood apps like Nextdoor, Facebook and Craigslist.

  • Monitor Facebook, Nextdoor and Craigslist for posts from people who have found pets.

  • If you can and feel comfortable doing so, offer a reward.

  • Alert local rescue groups to your lost pet.

  • If one is available in your area, work with a tracker, someone who utilizes a tracking dog or pack of dogs to locate an animal.
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Do This Daily To Help You Connect and Reunite

The Lighthouse Visualization:

Quiet your mind.  Take a deep breath and close your eyes.   Bring your awareness to your heart and the center of your chest.  Imagine a beam of light shining from your heart like a lighthouse out to your pet.  Clearly picture your pet feeling and sensing this light within his/her heart.  Send love and gratitude and thank them for finding their way back to you and then clearly picture what that reunion will look like.  What will it sound like?  How will you feel in that moment?  Stay with this image for a few moments and repeat this as many times as you feel is right for you.

*adapted from a visualization exercise created by Carol Gurney


I am not currently accepting new Lost Pet cases.  Any change in this availability would be reflected here and purchase options would be available on this page.  I am not aware of any other Animal Communicators who work with lost pets, so I'm unable to provide names or recommendations.