It is my greatest pleasure to help you connect, reflect and radiate.  Click on any service below to learn more and to schedule an appointment. (Scroll down for pet services).


Services for People:

Soul Alche-ME 

A 60-minute session of Intuitive Counseling plus Energy Healing.  Discover and remove energetic blockages, limiting beliefs and activate your next level Ascension energy.  Each session is personally tailored to meet the specific needs of the client on a Soul level to bring messages and healing for the highest good.

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Quantum Radiance Resonance Healing

A 30-minute remote healing session to restore, replenish and support your highest and best mental, physical and emotional health.  

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60 minutes of focused one-on-one coaching for health support, mindset mastery, inner work, ascension, developing your intuitive, psychic and/or animal communication abilities.

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Beyond Quantum Healing

Receive guidance and wisdom from your Higher Self through a guided consciousness exploration hypnosis technique.  Coming soon.  Click below to get on the waitlist.

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Energetic Signature Portrait

A custom artistic representation of your personal energetic field.  Includes channeled messages and guidance.

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Energetic Frequency Art

Pre-made digital art designed to calibrate you to frequencies such as love, harmony, inspiration, grounding, and more.   Bring yourself into resonance with what you wish to manifest.  Available for instant download.

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RADIANT Membership

Weekly content to help you connect with your divine radiant light.  Monthly group discussions and energy healing calls via Zoom.

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Services for Pets:

Animal Communication

Honor the sacred connection you share with your pets.  Support their physical, emotional and behavioral health and learn their answers to your questions.

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Energy Healing for Pets

Give your best friend the best care.  Supplement their traditional medical care with energy healing.  Great for behavior and training support too!

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Lost Pet Consultation

Learn techniques to help you shift your energetic state so that your pets can find their way back to you.  Schedule an email-based consultation to check in with your missing animal companion.

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