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Quantum Radiance Resonance Healing

Energy Healing for people.

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Energetic Support for
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We live in a world that can seem complicated and noisy.  Without proper energetic maintenance, we can pick up the negative energy ("vibes") from other people and events.  We can even unknowingly carry past traumas with us, stuck in our energy field, creating a depletion and imbalance in our physical, emotional and mental health.   

If you're ready for an energetic tune-up, a Quantum Radiance Resonance Healing session may be right for you!

connect. reflect.  radiate.

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Does this sound familiar?

All too often we put the needs of others ahead of our own to an extent that isn't healthy.  We pack our schedules full of appointments and tasks until we're so depleted that we feel small, helpless and exhausted.

We may be in relationships and work arrangements that don't support our highest and best good, yet we feel stuck, stymied by the thought of establishing boundaries.

We often take our health for granted - right up until the point we receive a diagnosis that shatters the illusion we held for ourselves.

Too many times, we hit a wall...and keep going right through it.

Even when we're in the best of health, it's so important to keep our energy bodies in top form.  This allows us to process incoming energies, ascension symptoms and have a stronger foundation for any fluctuations in our emotional, physical bodies.


Quantum Radiance Resonance Healing is a synergistic modality that is customized to meet the needs of each client within the sacred container of each healing session.


I work with my Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, Higher Dimensional Beings and your Spirit team to intuit which modalities are best for your needs at the time of your session.


Modalities used in a session may include:

  • Reiki
  • BioScalar wave
  • Sound healing
  • DNA activations
  • Chakra balancing
  • Auric Grid Alignment
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Channeled Light Codes/Light Language
  • Breathwork
  • Labyrinth/movement
  • Ho'Oponopono 

My Guides also frequently direct and assist with healing work that is not part of any defined modality.

What Others Are Saying


I resonate very much with your feedback...I have dealt with asthma my whole life ever since I was very young and I truly do seem to have a lot of stored up grief and I never thought about it, but grievances as well.  I can tap in very easily to that storehouse whenever I get close to making a change forward or when I feel like rolling around in tears,  which really makes sense with the information you gave me about the outdated energy matrix I'm lugging around!  I love that you saw a geode because a dear friend I have finds these little geode rocks all the time on the beach and she gave me a whole bunch of them over the last year that i have in a bowl on my dresser.  I don't know if it's the kind of geode you envisioned, but it is what she calls them and I find that link interesting...


As usual, I was having a hard time slowing my breath and relaxing my body [at the start of the session]. So I was like ok, let’s pay attention to something other than not being able to relax. At some point, my chest felt very constricted and I wasn’t having trouble breathing but I felt like my breathing took effort. It got very intense for me for a bit.  I started to consciously breathe out whatever was stuck. Then I felt similar pressure and constriction in my belly and my throat simultaneously. I was like ‘what is going on here?!’ At that point, I looked at the clock and was like ‘is this over yet?!’  Then I suddenly relaxed and I must have drifted off to sleep because I felt my head jerk and my finger lift up and all of a sudden it was 8!  

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How Does It Work?


Our physical, emotional and mental bodies are guided and supported by an energetic body.  This energy interacts with and is influenced by everything we encounter.


Science has shown that disease starts at the energetic level and, if not cleared, can manifest as physical dis-ease and illness.


Energy healing supports overall health by balancing the physical, mental and spiritual planes of existence.  It is also a powerful tool to integrate your etheric Light Body with your physical body, to activate dormant DNA, and to assist with your ascension into New Earth realities.


For a Quantum Radiance Resonance session, we do not speak via phone or video.  You will complete a brief intake form when you book your session.  Your session will occur at the specific time you schedule at which time I connect to your energy remotely.  I will send an email after the session to confirm its completion and share any notes or takeaways based on my observations of your energy.  These notes may also include an mp3 if Light Language or sound therapy was part of the session.

If you desire to go a little deeper into your healing journey and include a consultation with your session, please click here to check out the other services I offer.

You deserve to feel radiant!

"In the days following my session with Heather, I felt like a different human.  I felt like all of the energy that was off, all of the things that were going on with me, I understood and I could deal with.  It’s an incredible sense of peace that I got.  If you’re ever in a place where you just don’t get it, you need a session with Heather.  I am so grateful to Heather for giving me back me.  She’s amazing!" - Cheryl

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hey radiant soul! 👋🏻✨

I'm Heather.  I'm passionate about serving others in support of their highest and best outcomes.

Imagine a world where everyone took note and care of their own energetic field, maintained vibrant energetic health and both set and expected healthy boundaries!

We could catalyze change within and around us at some phenomenal rates.

I believe in supporting seekers on their journey to living the life of their dreams and whether that is perfect, radiant health, optimized mental clarity, activating dormant DNA or clearing stagnant energy.

If you're ready to take the next step toward supporting your emotional, physical and energetic health, it would be my honor to support you.


Learn More About Me


I've partnered with clients around the world for over ten years.  Interested in holistic and natural modalities from a young age, I studied with multiple mentors in many systems.  Beginning in 2017, Quantum Radiance Resonance Healing began to take shape through channeled guidance, client feedback and results I observed when combining different techniques.

Each session is unique and it is my highest honor to hold a space of healing for you, enabling your natural healing abilities to take root.


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All sessions are remote. You and I don't meet via phone or video.


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