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In this course you'll learn:


Ways to Connect and Reconnect

Whether you're new to intuition or have some experience, we'll explore the different ways that intuition is accessed, helping you to trust what you perceive and receive.


Overcoming Obstacles

Often when we set out on our path of intuitive development, we run into roadblocks.  Learn what can set you back and how you can overcome those obstacles to get back on track.


How to Discern Your Truth

Often intuition can feel like imagination or even anxiety. Learn to distinguish your truth, hearing the GPS of your inner wisdom more clearly.


How to Build Habits That Strengthen Your Connection

Gain strength and depth with your connection and develop the habits that help you incorporate intuition into your daily life for powerful shifts in your reality.

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Empowered and On Target!

Connecting with your intuition is a powerful first step in unlocking your potential in our bright new future. Trusting your intuition is even more important.

Often, we learn how to tune in and let those abilities fall to the wayside. Life gets in the way - there are deadlines, responsibilities and other pressures of daily life.

Integrating the subtle whispers of your Soul - the YOU that connects to ancient, timeless wisdom - helps you navigate your path with confidence, grace and joy.

Activate this innate inner knowing within yourself and live a life that is empowered, inspired and connected.

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A Note From Me...


I've worked with people around the world for over twenty years as an intuitive artist, coach, psychic, medium, channeler and healer.

I'm honored to introduce you to the beauty and comfort that can come from a stronger connection to the most natural and inspired way of being human...the intuitive life.

I can't wait to see you in class!

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Are You Ready? 

With live video classes, bonus channeled content, journal prompts and homework activities designed to support your learning journey, you'll have the tools you need to tune in and sharpen your intuitive abilities.

Let's connect! 

With video content, bonus guided meditations, journal prompts and homework activities designed to support your learning journey, you'll have the tools you need to meet and tune in to your team of Guides.


What's Included?

Our January 2024 class is currently underway and enrollment is closed.  Join the waitlist to be notified when another session is scheduled (Summer or Autumn 2024).
  • Live, online classes (duration and times TBD)
  • Lifetime access to all class recordings and bonus materials (meditations, visualizations, journal prompts, pdf workbooks)
  • Learning and exploring with a group of like-minded, heart-centered learners

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