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sunrise over mountain rock

What is Radiance? (Thank you for shining!)

It's easy to look around us in the world today and see chaos and to feel a looming despair that settles into the low-lying emotional areas like a dense fog. Maintaining a positive attitude becomes not just a challenge but an exercise in actively seeing things from a perspective that may be much different from the views of many of those around us.

When my catchphrase, "hey radiant souls!" first came into my Life, its arrival was unexpected. Although I have always been more upbeat than most, I was often private about it, preferring to retreat to a quiet corner when the voices of "reality" chimed in with their doom and gloom.  Years ago, when my Guides began awakening me in the early morning hours with the phrase - it became carved into my psyche and my energy field. It was an indelible mark in the wax of time reminding me, not just of my own radiance, but of the brilliant luminescence within each of us.

When I connect with students in classes or with clients in one-on-one appointments, I see their eagerness to transcend the ordinary. There is a desire to learn, to grow, to heal and to expand. They do this with a view toward self-improvement and, with very few exceptions, they also do this with a goal of serving and helping others.

Such growth requires tenacity and patience. We can see the glorious potential at the top of the mountain, yet it is with steadied pace through a measured incline that we develop the strength and endurance to move onward and upward. 

Radiance asks that we show up for ourselves in every moment of every day, fully present to the possibilities and in partnership with the shadows, recognizing them as the teachers they are.  It requires that we peer out into the world through eyes of forgiveness and grace.

For those within this community aspiring to make the world a better place -

Keep learning.
Keep serving.
Keep striving.

Radiant as the brightest stars, we enable a glow that spreads around the world.

Thank you for shining so brightly. ๐Ÿงกโœจ