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What's On Your Fret List?

Picture this - you go to see your favorite band in concert...the band you've seen 22 times already but you love them so much that you catch their show every time they come to town. You know all their songs and you know exactly what they'll perform because they play the same songs at every performance.
Creatively, set lists are great. They let a musician plan the ebb and flow of the performance and ensure that the big hits get worked into the mix. Those crowd pleasers seem to take on a life of their own when the crowd starts singing along with the familiar lyrics.
I've been thinking lately that we all have our own personal set lists. No, not the songs on Sirius or iTunes that we turn to to dance around the house while we vacuum (wait, is that just me?). What I'm referring to is really what I like to call our Fret List. It's the list of worries that we carry around with us and happily sing out loud and with gusto every time our anxiety gets the upper hand. And boy, how we like to crank them out at full volume and give a stellar performance!
This thought of a Fret List came back into my awareness earlier this week when I took Dexter for vaccinations. I've had multiple dogs who have had reactions to vaccinations - spanning from a simple rash from an allergic reaction all the way to more full-blown seizures. As a result of those experiences, I am a nervous nelly when it comes to taking my pets in for their vaccinations. So earlier this week, I dusted off the golden oldies and got myself a little anxious when I didn't need to be.
And then, of course, like many of you, I have many other standards on my personal Fret List that don't even have anything to do with dogs.
So why bring this up on a pet blog?
Our animals are constantly tuned into our energy. They maintain a vibratory connectedness with us so oftentimes when we are thinking "Oh no!" or "Oops" or singing our good ol' songs of worry and anxiety, they pick up on our emotions. Depending on the pet, their soul contract with us, their personality and what may be going on with them in the moment, they may also manifest anxiety. They may try to energetically clear us or hold space for us.
We're human. We're going to worry. Our logical brain is the superpower of our species and I'm not suggesting that we should never have a care in the world. That's not reasonable and those of us who struggle with anxiety would just find trying not to be anxious something to be anxious about. :)
I would just ask that we try to observe that Fret List from the perspective of our pets. When you're anxious, does your cat leave the room? Does your dog refuse to recall to you when you're in a hurry? How are your emotions impacting your pet? If you strive to be present in the moment and see things from their perspective, it can be very healing for you and your pet.