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What If My Pet Won't Talk to You?

What do you do when an Animal Communicator or Energy Healer tells you that he/she can't assist you?  What if she refers you to a colleague or he suggests you find someone who is a better fit for your needs?
It never feels great to be turned away and if you are feeling desperate for help with your pet, it can be immensely frustrating to find the door you knocked on suddenly closed.
It happens very rarely (I can think of only two times over the last ten years), but it does happen and I'd like to share my perspective and speak openly about why it may occur.
When you first meet a stranger, do you feel completely safe and confident in telling that person why you are sometimes angry, sullen, why you might have accidents with your bowels, why you don't listen to your spouse, why you fight with your siblings, why you don't like the new food that was just purchased for you? Would you want to hand over all of your medical records and allow them to do an intuitive medical scan of every inch of your body? Some of you may be comfortable sharing intimate details with a stranger but others may not. The same concept applies to our pets.
If you're seeking the services of an animal communicator, it is likely due to an issue you're experiencing with your pet companion. While qualified animal communicators are trained to start the conversation with an animal respectfully, slowly, and to hold a space filled with privacy, respect and healing, there are times when an animal may not wish to communicate. Please don't feel this is the animal's desire to withhold information from you. The pet may just not feel a connection with that animal communicator. Either the communicator or the pet may be having an off day and the right vibe just isn't in place to support the type of communication that needs to occur. It may not be in the highest and best interest of the human client, the pet client or the communicator for the session to continue. 
What can you do as a client if you're faced with being told no? Accept it gracefully and seek out help from another source. It may be that your pet, your Spirit Guides or your Higher Self are directing you to resources that are a better fit for your needs. The situation is not helped by offering more money, continuing to ask the communicator to try again or by continuing to extend the discussion in hopes that you convince the communicator to change his/her mind.
For those of us who work in the energy healing and animal communication field, our passion is helping pets and their people.  Part of doing energy work is recognizing, accepting and honoring the client's needs in the moment.  It's never an easy thing to tell someone that we may not be the best fit, but forcing the situation or ignoring the lack of resonance doesn't honor the pet or the human client and it doesn't serve the highest good for all involved.