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The Essential Art of Creation

I've been having a lot of conversations recently about how we're feeling removed from our innate creativity.  Things we previously enjoyed doing don't come as easily to us right now.  It's as if we're trudging through quicksand, each step sinking us further into a heavy depth.   The hobbies that used to entertain us seem like distant memories.  We long to reconnect to those bits of ourselves that bring us unabashed joy, but the effort to get started often feels overwhelming.

There's no question that we've wandered through some energetically dense times of late. The one plus one sum that previously equaled two now feels as if it doesn't add up. As a result, when we do find ourselves stuck in stagnation, it can feel fairly immobilizing.   The shift from potential to kinetic energy grinds like a rusty gear.  We often talk ourselves out of creating because we can't find where to begin.   We worry that, with so many problems requiring so many solutions, creativity is now a luxury.

When we consider that we, as individuals, and We, as a collective, are up-leveling, we begin to better understand the new equation.   We simply aren't the same people we were months and years ago.  We've changed, we've grown, we've evolved.   Our energetic environment, our planet and our fellow humans have also changed and grown as well.  A new approach is needed and creativity shifts from a nice-to-have to an r essential ingredient in reclaiming our future.    In our new equation, we are the one, we are also the plus one, and we create the too (two).

We are born to create.  Breathing new life into ideas is one of our primary functions in being human.  We birth new the perspectives, relationships, communities and visions of ourselves that create the world around us.  Without the creative spark, we muddle through the mundane.   Rather than upheaving the old systems and methods, we allow their roots to become stronger, thicker and deeper.  

If we don't let loose the song that lives inside of us, how can we contribute to the overall melody of the Universe?  Whether it's painting, writing, music, dance, movement or daydreaming about new ideas and opportunities, unlocked creativity fills the air with the magic of possibility and carves a new way to navigate our surroundings.

Allow yourself time to dream today - and breathe a new world into being.