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Honoring Soul Connections for Solstice

In many cultures, summer solstice is a celebration of light and connection.  I celebrated both a little early this year.

My beloved dog McKenzie transitioned to Spirit in July 2019.  A few days before her departure, I took a solo trip to a state park for some hiking, reflection and soul-searching.  I took a selfie at one particular spot along the trail to commemorate the day and the very long, strenuous trek up, across, down and back up a mountain.

Driving home that day, I encountered a terrible storm which made highway driving nearly impossible.  Visibility was so limited that I could only hope that I was keeping a safe distance from the cars around me.   As I pulled off onto the first available exit, I wondered if the storm was a sign.   You see, McKenzie had let me know that she would send me a rainbow when it was her time to transition.   I watched the sky diligently that day, but no rainbow appeared.   Knowing she was near the end of her life, it was both a relief and a disappointment to not see one - I wanted to honor her choice to leave when she wanted, but also wanted to ease her pain and discomfort.

After her passing, I came across the selfie I'd taken that day on the trail.  That day and any time since when I see the photo, I am reminded of the days leading up to McKenzie's transition.

Yesterday, Dexter and I drove to the same state park to have a little adventure.   While we didn't attempt the same long hike, we did walk past the specific spot on the trail where I'd taken the selfie.   While Dexter checked out some shrubs nearby, I asked McKenzie to give me a sign, quickly snapped a photo without looking and hiked on.

When I got home, I checked the photos.  As you can see from the photos below, I think it's safe to say two things - one, she answered me and gave me a sign and two, she has a flair for the dramatic.  :)

Signs from our loved ones in Spirit aren't reserved for "communicators" or "intuitives".   The bonds of love are never broken and those who have passed are still around us often.

If you'd like to learn more about supporting your pets through their transition and end of life care, I have a lecture that you can download where I share more information.