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Everyday Signs from Pets in Spirit

I'm often asked how to find signs from our pets and loved ones who have crossed over, or even from pets that are still living and trying to communicate with us.  I know many friends and clients who are apprehensive and think that they aren't "good" at recognizing signs.
Signs can be as simple as songs on the radio, a memory that appears seemingly out of nowhere or even hearing your pet's name spoken by a stranger.  One of my favorite signs from Ginger was a TV ad the day after she passed away.  The movie Brave was just being released to TV and the ad that ran multiple times throughout the day had giant letters that were almost full-screen: "GINGER is the new black", referring to the red-headed heroine of the movie.
Sometimes, things we've lost turn into signs years later...
Many years ago when I was first realizing that my intuitive abilities could be used to help people rather than just being random occurrences of scary and prophetic dreams, I encountered the number 91:11 over and over.  I would see it on clocks, signs, and in books.  I knew it must mean something but I didn't make the connection until I had an answering machine message (oh the days before voicemail!) left by a total stranger.   The voice in the message was otherworldly but sounded panicked and the voice was distressed, uttering a muffled "help me" over and over.  It was such a weird message and it gave me chills.  I dialed the number that the call came from and there was an outgoing message that read Psalm 91:11: "He shall give His angels charge over thee to keep thee in all thy ways".   I realized the 91:11 signs I had been seeing were confirmation of my intuitive abilities becoming more a part of my everyday life.   To validate the messages, I bought myself a bangle bracelet with the Psalm engraved on it.  I wore the bracelet daily for many years and it was very special to me.   About 5 years ago, I realized I hadn't seen the bracelet in awhile and a top-to-bottom search of my house was fruitless.  I assumed it had probably fallen off somewhere, never to be seen again.
Today, I held my own fire ceremony to release some old, held energy from my past.   I had a stack of old paperwork, bills, personal items, etc. that I had held onto for over a decade and my gut told me that simply shredding them wasn't enough to release the energy.  I decided to burn the paperwork instead and honor all the memories, good and bad, that were held in the papers as I watched the flames dance and play with the wind.  I also felt that it was time to let go of all the veterinary and adoption paperwork for Ginger and Darcy.   I saved the pet paperwork for last and as I started on that pile, I looked into the cardboard box where I hauled all the papers to the fire pit....and I saw my long-lost bracelet.   I have no idea how the bracelet got there - the box was empty this morning until I dumped piles of papers into it and I didn't hear any metal clinking or notice anything when I packed up all the papers.  I don't believe in coincidences and I know that in that moment Ginger and Darcy were with me, supporting my release of old energy that was no longer serving me.
I encourage you to look at the world around you with a sense of wonder and expect signs and miracles.  Holding the expectation for them gives them the space to manifest and appear.   I believe in a world of magic and wonder, do you?