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Love Never Dies

I was six years old when my sister Wendy died.   Hours before her passing, she appeared to me in a dream and showed me the journey she would soon be taking.  Within her physical body, Wendy lived a life of restriction.  She was unable to speak, move or gesture due to cerebral palsy.   In the dream, however, she communicated effortlessly, with strength and grace.  I had no reason not to believe in the veracity of her message.  It wasn't imagery placed in my mind from life experience, religious dogma or other structures.  It didn't come from a place of imagination or creativity - it simply was.    

I communicated with Wendy in Spirit form regularly after her death.  As I grew older and witnessed the belief systems of others surrounding death and the afterlife, I began to understand that my experiences were not common within a modern, Western society.   As a lifelong medium, I'm honored to help others learn about, witness and experience this connection.   I hold a deep respect and reverence for witnessing to the sacred journey taken by Souls as we leave the limits of a physical body.

Part of my overall mission  - to empower and embolden others to connect with their Divine Radiant Light - implicitly suggests that we must learn what that Light truly is.   How it is inextinguishable, inexhaustible and fully glorious in all its forms.   How we can continue our relationships in a new way with those who have crossed over, continuing to share love beyond any perceived limitations of space or time.

I'm hosting a live online class on September 16th to help you learn to connect with your loved ones in Spirit, both pets and people.  If you feel called to join, I'd love to see you there.  A recorded replay will be available for anyone who enrolls, so if you can't make the live class or you're coming to this after the fact, you can still access the replay.   You can register at any time using the link below:

Connecting with Loved Ones in Spirit