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The Illusion of Time

In much of the US this weekend, we “Spring forward” to calibrate our clocks and our lives to Daylight Savings Time.   Our European friends will follow suit later in the month.


To me, nothing proves that time is a construct better than Daylight Savings Time.   In the late 1800s, US and Canadian railroads adopted timezones to help standardize and coordinate train schedules across the continent.  Building on that momentum, in the early 1900s, industrial leaders convinced politicians to enact laws to shift our hours around twice each year. 


At a very simplified level, it’s all make believe.  Someone decided it should be 5AM at a certain point in the day and so that’s what it became. 


Often, we believe that we’ve missed opportunities and have run out of time to do the things we want.   Whether that perspective is a lens through which we view a particular day or our entire lives, it is an unnecessary limiting belief.


Time doesn’t flow like a river.  It is as deep and vast as an ocean.  The past only exists within our memories and the future within our imagination.    The present moment is all that exists and when we can center ourselves to exist only from within the sacred space of each precious “now”, we understand that Time is what we make it.


If you are concerned over not having enough time, considering questions such as-

WHEN will I reach my goals?

WHEN will I find love?

WHEN will I have "enough"?

WHEN will I feel joyful?

Remember this -

W e
H ave
E verything we
N eed


W e
H ave the
E ternal
N ow


It's all inside of you.  It always has been.  Use every moment to change your energy to act as if what you want has already happened and watch the magic unfold.


How can you linger a little longer in the generous present moment today?