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The gift of 2020

One year ago today, I hosted an end-of-year energy healing call to usher in the new year and the new decade.   I was guided specifically to share techniques that helped clear out emotional "baggage" so we each had capacity for the months to come.

While I couldn't have known the specifics of 2020, even then I could feel that the year would be filled with unprecedented energy and challenge.  In hosting the group healing call, I hoped to empower you with tools to help you navigate the choppy waters that seemed to lie ahead.

Looking back at all that has occurred this year, I'm so blessed to have been included in your stories, welcomed into your families and to have accompanied many of you on your sacred journeys inward.   In our sessions together, we've faced loss, grief and fear.   We've also reconnected with our vulnerability, our strength and our light. 

When I look at the energy of the collective as it stands right now, I'm filled with hope.   Although 2020 feels like the roller coaster none of us were tall enough to ride, it has shaken us out of our patterns.  We were made to learn new ways to do things - maybe it was working from home, homeschooling your children, grooming your pets, finding new ways of self care or fitness.  

These new behaviors cleared out old behaviors, thoughts and emotions, clearing the way for a re-wiring of the neurons in our brains.   New thoughts lead to new emotions which in turn create new behaviors and shifts in the composition of our personalities. 

To me, this active and epic reshaping of our personal and collective destinies is the unexpected gift of 2020.

May we take the lessons we've learned, the behaviors we've modified and walk boldly into the new year.