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Releasing our expectations

I have a thing for four-leaf clovers.  I think they are so cool.  I vibe with the fact that they are unique and unexpected.

 But here’s the thing -

 I’ve never actually found one on my own.  I look all the time.  I have tons of clover in my yard and even when I’m somewhere else and see a patch, I’m always checking.

I had one sent to me one time when I was in a competition back in high school but it was taped down to a card and I couldn’t help but wonder if it was fabricated with a regular three leaf clover and a pretender fourth wheel. 

For no apparent reason I was lamenting my lack of four-leaf finding luck earlier today. 

Earlier this afternoon, I sat outside with Dexter and painstakingly reviewed inch after inch of clover.  Coming up empty-handed yet again, I realized I needed to change my belief system.

 Ok, I told myself. I know there is a four-leaf clover somewhere out there and I will find it when I’m meant to find it.  It won’t appear any sooner or later than exactly when it needs to.

A few hours later, Dex and I were outside again at a different spot in the yard.  I again saw a clover patch and, out of years of habit, started my search for the clover holy grail.

But this time I stopped almost as soon as I’d started.  I literally said out loud to the clover, “That’s ok.  You keep your secrets.  I don’t need to see a four-leaf clover because I KNOW it exists here and that’s enough for me.”

I stood up and turned away but as I did, I heard a faint and mischievous giggle.  I turned toward the sound and saw it. 

My first four-leaf clover.  Isn’t she adorable?

How many times do we SEARCH and STRESS and upset ourselves when we can’t find what we assume we need or what we’re surely meant to have?

When we have faith that what we’re seeking exists and release all expectation of how and when it shows up, that’s when the real magic happens.

It’s not luck.  It’s universal law. 


P.S. Dexter heard the clover giggle too.   You can see him smiling about it in the picture.  :)