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Using Contracted Energy to Launch Your Next Level

The energy for this week within the collective is one of contraction.  I spoke about this in my most recent video which you can watch below but I also wanted to expand on some messages and themes from my Guides that came in after I’d completed filming.  The guidance I've received is that when we consider the energy of contraction, we can look at it in two ways.

Some of us will harness the power of these moments to birth a new project, new level of Self or new path. For those who find themselves in this category, being precise and clear with what you are seeking is vital. Then, release all expectation of how it shows up along your journey. Trust that divine timing unfolds but the delivery of that which you seek only knows how to find you when you are consistently in your most authentic Self.

Others will be called to review that which we are in an energetic contract to and with.  This is a time to re-examine the very basic question of “How is that working for me?”  If you have an area of your life in which you feel a particular constriction, zoom in with your awareness and ask yourself these questions of self exploration:

Is this something that elevates or diminishes my capacity to be the best and highest version of myself?

What is the energetic exchange to remain connected to/in contract with this situation?

What am I benefitting from maintaining this connection? Am I willing to release that perceived benefit in exchange for the unknown?

Is there a renegotiation that I can do to change the frequency of this element?

Seen in either of these two ways, the temporary compression of contraction allows us to harness the kinetic potential of creation.  May your path unfold before you in the highest and best expression of your divine radiance.