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The Energy of Atonement

In my Energy Forecast for January 2022, I talked about how my guides had shared with me a breakdown of the word "Atonement" as a way in which we can work with the energy of that word to clear energetic blockages within ourselves.

If we deconstruct the word atonement to the three components of AT - ONE - MENT, we can then consider the importance of being at one; cohesive and unified with ourselves in any moment.  We can imagine harnessing the potential of the present ONE moMENT.  It is from within the present moment where we can see clearly.  When we see clearly, we create what we desire for ourselves and the world around us.

The energetic blueprint we draft for ourselves at the individual, microcosmic level and for the world at the collective, macrocosmic level instructs the energy around us about what we would desire to see more of.   The thoughts we think, the words we speak and the emotions we feel all work synergistically to place our order from the Universe.

Picture your favorite drive-thru.  We're all pretty accustomed to riding up, rolling down our windows and ordering our cups of coffee or menu items with such specificity that you'd think we all worked as baristas and sous chefs in our spare time.  

But yet when it comes to envisioning and "ordering" the life we want to see, we often lack clarity.   Our available energy is diminished, fractured into memories of the past or worries of the future.  It's like we attempt to place our orders through closed car windows or muffled speakers on the menu board.   It should be no surprise, then, that what we want - what we truly desire - doesn't make its way to us as often as we'd prefer.

Getting that clarity, rolling down that window, shouting your order so clearly that even the cars behind you have no doubt that you want the no foam, skinny latte with a shot of sugar-free caramel - well, that takes energy.  It takes a knowledge of self.   It takes being fully present with yourself  - being AT-ONE in the present moMENT.

Watch the full January 2022 Energy Forecast video for more information on collecting those bits of yourself back to you.

P.S.  The information was created for January 2022 as that's the prevalent energy for that month, however, the tips and material shared have broader applications for any time period.