A map back to you.

Enjoy this unique modality, blending elemental wisdom, ancient healing techniques and quantum discoveries to unlock and optimize your highest Self.

Embodiment and Integration of purpose, passion and wholeness

Illuminating the Path

Imagine traveling to an unknown destination without a map.  We can ask others for directions and receive many subjective answers in reply based on their experiences of similar surroundings.   But no one can walk our journey in the way that we do.

The Biolumosphere is a Map of Self.  It showcases our history, our energy, our potential and our trajectory in the context of our experiences, beliefs, relationships and habits.

The Biolumosphere is a tool that allows us to take a thorough look at all aspects of You, seeing both a high-level and detailed view of where your energy - and, consequently -  your beliefs and your habits - may be misaligned with your authentic, optimized Self

Born out of a desire to include structure with my intuitive counseling and healing services, I co-created the Biolumosphere map in partnership with my Guides.   It is one of the most intensive services that offer, incorporating intuitive counseling, channeling energy healing and past life work (as needed).

What is the Biolumosphere?

A multi-dimensional map of your Soul's expression in this lifetime, the Biolumosphere serves as a template and guide for us to find where there are opportunities for healing, integration and a return to your full authenticity.

Blending ancient wisdom traditions with quantum healing modalities, we will explore 12 keys within 4 elements, identifying deficiencies and surpluses of energy.  We call all parts of you home, releasing energetic cords and empowering you to create balance and wholeness.

This service is a sacred co-creation in which I walk through your map using intuitive counseling and healing, in partnership with your courageous and objective examination of your Story of Self.

Together, we call all parts of you Home, empowering, enlightening and recharging your Divine Radiant Light. 

Reclaim your power
and your light 

Often, we feel a call toward doing deeper healing work and integration but we lack the proper resources or tools to do so.  We may feel that there's something in our way - something blocking us from reaching our highest potential - but we are unable to see around our own corners and bring it to light.

The wisdom of your Biolumosphere can help.

In this unique and inspirational session, we explore and discover your Quantum Map. We work together to identify opportunities for healing, fully integrating your unique expression as a Soul.

I journey intuitively into the map, reviewing different timelines, decision points and find energy that may be stagnant or stuck.

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Hi. I'm Heather.


It's my honor to support you on your journey.


I've partnered with clients around the world for over two decades.  My communication style is relaxed and encouraging, a balance of the mystical and the practical -  like having a chat with a friend over coffee.   I approach each session as an opportunity to learn from the beautiful story that is unique to you and your experiences.   During a session, I hold a sacred space of connection and healing for you, connect with my team of Spirit and Multidimensional guides as well as your guides, and utilize healing modalities that serve your best and highest good for whatever transformation and healing you may need.

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