About Me

I'm Heather.  I'm an Intuitive Counselor, Animal Communicator,  Energy Healer for Pets and People, Channel, Author, Artist, Photographer, Teacher and Coach.  I'm the creator of the Soul Alche-ME and Quantum Radiance Resonance healing modalities and the AWARE Method for Conscious and Connected Living. 

I adore autumn, hiking and daydreaming.  I love to crack jokes and I have a fondness for sarcasm.  Finding just the right meme or gif will send me to a level of giddiness that can only be rivaled by the sheer joy of impromptu car karaoke with songs from the 70's. I love almost any kind of breakfast food that exists and I am a professional-level napper.  Seriously, I’m super qualified with years of experience!

My true passion is in helping people see, hear, sense, and know without a doubt their own radiance and the connection we all share.

Right now in the world, we find ourselves at such an amazing confluence of events and possibilities.  It's up to each of us to dream the new world into being...and we don't do that from a place of limitation, fear or doubt.

I love empowering others to find their passion, transmute their limiting beliefs and take inspired and aligned action.

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What People Are Saying


Heather is ah-MAYS-ing!  Completely got in touch with our missing puppy, Yoda.  Heather helped us contact Yoda and told us that the people that had her were in food services and to hang flyers in the groceries.  She also said Yoda could not escape but if she could, it was unlikely she could find her way home.  Turns out Yoda was 35 minutes from home and with guys who worked at Publix grocery.


I had a very specific question I needed guidance on and was able to get a definitive answer from heather and her guides.  She helped me work through stagnant energy and release the gunk that had built up in my lower back and shoulder blades.  I feel much better and quite a bit lighter.  I can't thank Heather enough for all she does!


Thank you so much, Heather, for connecting to my little PD boy.  You're so amazing and it's so beautiful what you're sharing with the world and the healing you're doing connecting to our furry friends.  I highly recommend Heather to anyone looking to reconnect with their animals in Spirit!  So accurate and amazing!

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How I Got Started

As a kid, I had a stash of random animal facts that no one really wanted to hear about like how Archaeopteryx was the oldest known bird whose fossil clearly demonstrated the transition from dinosaur to avian anatomy. (*insert crickets chirping here*)

I could hear and sense plants and animals communicating to each other and to me.  I thought everybody could hear what I heard and was pretty shocked when none of my friends had the same experiences.  

I also had psychic and intuitive experiences at a very young age and began to study world religions, philosophy and psychic phenomena to learn more about my own experiences.

Back then, there weren't a lot of examples of people living intuitive lives.  Psychics and mediums were featured on shows like Donahue and Montel Williams, but there wasn't as much acceptance of the "woo woo" being normal as there is today.  Those who were exceptional could do things like communicate with Spirit or predict events, but it wasn't shared as a natural and common ability.

In my work today, I'm so excited to help others develop and remember their natural abilities, strengthening their trust in the beautiful connections that transcend time, place and physicality.


Why I Do What I Do


When I adopted my own dogs as an adult, I wanted to support their health with natural and holistic methods.  After hiring an Animal Communicator to work with my dog Ginger, I remembered and reawakened the ability I'd had as a child.

To develop that natural ability into a profession, I spent years studying with many mentors in Animal Communication, Intuitive Counseling, Psychic Mediumship and multiple Energy Healing modalities.  Those studies reawakened and further developed my psychic, mediumship and intuitive abilities.

Today, I work with clients around the world to help them uncover the energetic blockages that may be preventing them from living the life of their dreams.  I help seekers reconnect with the divine radiant spark within themselves, through intuitive counseling, energy healing and one-one-one coaching and mentorships. 

I help my animal communication clients hear the precious voices of their animal companions and to offer alternative healing modalities to supplement traditional veterinary care.  


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