The world needs healers now more than ever!


If you have ever felt a nudge or a calling toward being in service to yourself and others, now is the time to answer that call!

Reiki is a natural, holistic energy healing technique that works to remove blockages in the body's energetic system.


Start Your Healing Journey Now

Reiki training and certification is traditionally presented in three parts.  Level One (this class), is the introductory level.  Students learn to do Reiki sessions on themselves and then on loved ones (and pets too) in the home or same location.

We heal others best and shine most brightly in this world when we can maintain our own energetic health. 

Upon completion of Level One, a student can choose to progress to the Practitioner training, but that training is not required and many students are comfortable staying attuned to this first level.

Level One Reiki is a powerful tool in your self-care and the care of your family, friends and animal companions.

Topics covered in this course:

  • History of Reiki
  • Essential Reiki Principles
  • Quantum Energy and the Basic Fundamentals of Energy Healing
  • Chakras & Auras 
  • Basic Anatomy 
  • Recommended Hand Positions
  • Powerful bonus content from my Energetic Self Care Toolbox

You will also receive a remote Attunement session with me to calibrate you to the energetic signature of this modality. (The Attunement process is how Reiki is passed from student to teacher).  

The class is available online right here through my website where you have lifetime access to all course material and can go at your own pace.

Reiki Level One Certification

Online, go at your own pace.  

$125 USD

Course Overview

Take a quick glance at the course outline and content.

Reiki Level One Certification

Online, go at your own pace. 

$125 USD