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If it doesn't serve your highest purpose, why are you still carrying it around?


GUILT, SHAME, ANXIETY, FEAR.  These are the pieces of  baggage we need to drop so that we can pick up JOY, ABUNDANCE and LOVE in 2021!

Give yourself permission to dedicate time to your own self-care so that you can heal, grow and evolve.

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Following in the unprecedented footsteps of 2020, the energy of 2021 and beyond promises to be bigger, bolder and more intense than anything we've seen in quite some time.

Thoughts and emotions create reality.  Let's ensure the reality we are creating for ourselves and the collective is one of abundance, joy and peace.

The amount of energy available for creation is limitless.  While we were self-quarantining and spending more time at home, we were storing potential energy.   Picture an athlete who does the high jump.  In order to reach the highest height in her jump, she crouches down to store that potential energy. 


That's us right now.  Crouched down, ready to leap to our highest levels of abundance and joy.

But you can't pick up what's waiting for you if you don't put down what you're carrying that doesn't serve you. 

Drop the baggage you've picked up in the past!

Walk in strength along your journey with a greater understanding of your Soul's purpose and how you can prioritize your self-care to remain centered, balanced and radiant. 

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connect. reflect.  radiate.

"If you do the work, you will feel the results."

Joining Heather's Masterclass takes the book and the content to the next 15 levels. I highly recommend it!


Hi, I'm Heather.  

I'm on a mission to empower and embolden others to connect to their Divine Radiant Light and to honor the sacred connection with all life.

Throughout my career as an Intuitive Counselor, I've worked with so many clients who, despite achieving tremendous success, still feel disconnected.  The feel out of step with the rhythm of their own Soul and feel a deep longing for the best and highest versions of themselves.

I wrote my book Hey Radiant Souls: A Guide for Finding and Shining Your Light as a blueprint to walk our wearied souls back home to the divine radiant light within.

In my RADIANT membership community, we explore the topics from the book, diving deep and expanding the lessons through weekly online content.  I would love for you you to join us.  Together, we will rise up and shine!


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Check out one of our episodes on Emotions and Memories from the Tune Out to Tune In chapter/module.


The RADIANT Masterclass includes curated content (video lessons, journaling prompts, meditations, activities) that expands on the lessons in my book, Hey Radiant Souls: A Guide for Finding and Shining Your Light.

*You progress through the course content at your own pace.  Content is still being added for the remaining weeks of 2021 and will appear in the Masterclass as it becomes available.

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All 2021 content (existing content and content which will be added through 2021).  50+ modules of lessons & activities.

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Shine Radiant Souls is the companion activity (and coloring!) book for Hey Radiant Souls: A Guide to Finding and Shining Your Light.  Both are available now worldwide.  Select your country below to order your copy today.

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