Intuitive Art for Pets!


See the sacred and unique energetic signature of your pet!   I am excited to offer these for clients who are familiar with the human version of the Energetic Signature Portraits and curious about how that style of intuitive art would look for their pets.

Animals typically have less complex geometry than what I see with people, so these will often be more open, less "cluttered" shapes than what we see with Energetic Signature Portraits for people.   The principle is the same - this is your pet's energetic signature - the "vibe" that they emit as a Soul.   Portraits can be for living pets or pets in Spirit. 

The pet Energetic Signature Portraits do not include any interpretations, readings or guidance for interpreting the art...purchase includes only the art in a digital download (jpeg file).   If you are someone who would require an explanation, an interpretation or answers to questions such as "What does this shape, color, texture mean?", this is likely not a good fit for you.  I keep the pet portraits as only the art without the interpretation so that I can offer it at an affordable price and accommodate a higher volume of requests.


yellow puppy walking

Click on the button below to purchase.  After purchase, you will receive an email with a link to upload your pet's photo (this helps me tune into their energy).

I'm so excited to create and share these with you and allow you to bring home the same sacred, energetic art for all members of your family!!   

Available for living pets or pets in Spirit!!


Click Here to Order a Pet Energetic Signature Portrait (Due to current order volume and the time involved in creating each individual piece, it will take 5 weeks for your portrait to be completed)
digital art with galaxy clouds and geometric shape
digital art with galaxy clouds and geometric shape
digital art with galaxy clouds and geometric shape
digital art with galaxy clouds and geometric shape

Looking for Something Else Unique? 

My pre-made Energetic Frequency Art includes energetic codes to calibrate you to frequencies of love, inspiration, valor, balance and more.  Pieces are available for instant download.

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