Meditations to Support Your Journey

Silence your mind, go within and connect to inner wisdom, peace and transformation.

A Deeper Connection

Finding stillness and quieting the mind are two of the most important tools in self-discovery and development.

Honor your connection with your self, your guides and loved ones in Spirit with these guided meditations.

Available for instant download.  More meditations coming soon!

The Circle of Intention

Amplify your intentions into The Quantum Field by harnessing the power of the sacred circle.  In this meditation, you will call in past and future versions of yourself to supersize and supercharge your wave of intention.  Format: mp3.  Duration:  13 minutes.

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The Sacred Room of the Authentic Self

A guided meditation to help you remember your true, radiant, Authentic Self.  Format: mp3.  Duration: 17 minutes.

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Connecting to Pets in Spirit

A guided meditation to help you communicate with your pets in Spirit.  This can be used for your own animal companions who have transitioned or to connect with your totem animals.  Format:  mp3.  Duration: 19 minutes.

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