handwritten words that say the energy of 2021

While I don't normally provide psychic predictions for the new year, this year I felt guided to connect with the energy of the upcoming year.

Using the same channeling technique that I follow for creating personalized Energetic Signature Portraits, I connected to the energy of 2021.

The artwork transmission and the messages from the channeled download are shared below.  

handwritten words that say intuitive observations

It’s a POWERFUL year of personal action.  The decisions we make in 2021 shape and direct the next 5-7 years for us at a personal level. 

We are creating our own infinity within and as a result of what we view as external forces exerting pressures upon us.   This is the main theme of energy I picked up on - owning and shaping our future and our personal views that inform that future.

The predominant yellow in the center is self awareness and self love.  Without it, we give our sovereignty and power away to directional forces of energy.  It is the master key for the year along with love (all the green).

There is nothing good nor bad until we place that label upon it.  It is all only energy until we define it for ourselves and it is ALWAYS a personal definition. For anything.  That is shown in the balance and repetition of the shapes.

It is a year for deciding whether we want to blaze a new path or repeat previous cycles to relearn old lessons.  This choice will present itself at every level and in every moment.  Recycle, rinse, repeat...or rise and reclaim your story.

There is fluidity and movement and nothing resides in a permanent state. 

The shapes that look like W and M are arrows pulling us toward our desired outcomes (top) but also tugging at us from how we’ve viewed ourselves and the world around us in the past (bottom).  Neither is permanent for when you shift your future you also energetically shift the past that was its foundation.  Both are charged and cleared by your divine attention and love.  Honest communication with ourselves in our self-talk and remaining in integrity are key to carving out that which we desire to manifest.  This is not a year for half-truths and indecisions. 

I agree with those who said it had a feminine vibe.  Feminine energy is creative and chaotic and it feels like a year with some shake-ups. 

To me, it feels positive.   Some shifts and upheavals, yes potentially.  But you can’t carve from a structure that is non-pliable so energies must shift in order to recombine and reform.

handwritten words that say channeled message


Dear Ones,

Do not fret for within the storm lies your strength.  Your balance is found only through first moving into the spaces you find unfamiliar.   As a toddler takes their first steps, so too must you develop the muscles and aptitude for new landscapes.

Know that all views are correct and right for the individual viewing them.  Polarity serves no higher purpose.  What seems right for you is right for you.  What seems right for someone else is right for them.

Changes will flow swiftly around you but you are always in control of navigating your own ship upon the sea.

Tempests can uproot and dishevel, but that same chaotic energy also renews and revives.

Connect to your radiant light within as the beacon within the storm and you will never be led astray.

We love you.  We are you.  You are us.  We are cheering you on and offering our support in immeasurable unseen ways.  Breathe into the space of your heart and find us there.

handwritten words that say level two sparkle
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