Improve your relationship with your pets and live in energetic harmony!

Living a conscious, connected life with our animal companions gives us a deeper understanding of our pets and ourselves.

The AWARE Method class helps you strengthen your bond with your pet and improve the energetic balance in your home.

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Develop skills and techniques to improve your relationship with your pets.

Join renowned Animal Communicator Heather Mays for a 90-minute audio lecture (in 6 parts) where she presents her signature modality, the AWARE Method.

The AWARE Method is a 5-step template that you can use in everyday life as a blueprint for gaining insight on health & behavioral issues.

Focused on connecting into how your pet sees and experiences the world around them, the information in this course empowers you to create a holistic, balanced multi-species home.

Module 1: Introduction and Background

Module 2: Acknowledge the Impact of the Physical and Intangible Environment on Your Pet

Module 3: How to Watch Your Output and Gain Understanding of How Your Thoughts and Emotions Impact Your Animal Companions

Module 4: Allowing Your Pet to Be The Superhero In Their Own Story

Module 5: Recognizing the Synchronicities and Soul Connections

Module 6: Enabling Balance and Resilience with Energetic Maintenance

The AWARE Method of Conscious & Connected Living with Pets

Online, go at your own pace. 

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