Support your pets during end of life and transition to Spirit

It's a time few of us prepare for but knowing how our animal companions view illness, death and transition can help us navigate the choppy waters with confidence.

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Develop the skills and techniques to improve your relationship with your pets and support them at the critical and delicate time of transition. 

Join renowned Animal Communicator Heather Mays for a 60-minute audio lecture (in 3 parts) where she shares tips and tools for Supporting Your Pets Through End of Life & Transition.

Pet loss is a taboo subject and we just aren't good at talking about it or facing it head-on. "There be dragons" at the edge of the proverbial map. We don't have language or tools to support ourselves and we often feel like we're not sure how to best advocate for our pets or support them during their transition.

This course is a self-guided program with tools and techniques from Heather Mays, an experienced Animal Communicator and Soul Alche-me expert.  Heather shares information from her own pets in Spirit and Spirit pets from clients to share, in their own words, how they experience the period of time before, during and after their transition from a physical body.

This is a powerful and unique course unlike any you've ever taken. You can be anywhere in your journey with your pet and benefit from the transformational info that is shared within this lecture.

Supporting Your Pets Through End of Life & Transition

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