handwritten words that say hey radiant soul

I'm Heather.  I'm an Animal Communicator,  Energy Healer for Pets and People, Certified Intuitive Counselor, Channel, Author, Artist and Photographer.  I'm the creator of the Soul Alch-me and Quantum Radiance Resonance Healing modalities and the AWARE Method for Conscious and Connected Living. 

I love Autumn, hiking and daydreaming.  I love to crack jokes and make people smile.  I adore sarcasm and witty banter.  Finding just the right meme or gif will send me to a level of giddiness that can only be rivaled by a rapid exchange of Gilmore Girl quotes or impromptu car karaoke with songs from the 70's. I love almost any kind of breakfast food that exists and I am a professional-level napper.  Seriously, I’m super qualified with years of experience!

handwritten words that say keepin it real

I could insert professional credentials here and have the standard write-up that you see on a lot of websites ("Heather offers a bespoke approach to sessions and brings over ten years of experience to her clients.  In her spare time, she bakes cookies for homeless dogs and camps out under starlit skies and full moons").   I could list out my appearances and publications.  I could offer you the hard sell on why we should work together.

But I won't.

I'm not really about that.  I'd prefer to tell it to you straight and let you get to know the real me, not just the polished version of me suitable for public display.  We're either going to vibe with each other or we aren't...and I want you to trust your feelings and impressions.  (That's one of my favorite things to teach people to do!)

Our pets love us even when we are our most disheveled, wrinkled and vulnerable.  We should learn from them and be just as okay with those authentic and raw versions of ourselves.  (Can I get two paws up for that?!) 

picture of young girl in front of cow


I've always had a close bond with animals.  Lost animals would find me.  Zoo animals would walk up to see me like I was the one on exhibit (maybe I'm just THAT strange!?)

I grew up watching science shows like Nature and Nova.  For fun, I would get books on biology, etymology and animal psychology from the library.


As a kid, I had a stash of random facts that no one really wanted to hear about like how Archaeopteryx was the oldest known bird whose fossil clearly demonstrated the transition from dinosaur to avian anatomy. (*insert crickets chirping here*)

I routinely dreamed about safaris in Kenya and would sit outside for hours watching the birds in our backyard.

picture of young girl in front of zebra
young girl in pink ruffled dress


I also had psychic and intuitive experiences from a very young age.

In my pre-teen and teenage years, I read everything I could find about psychic phenomenon, world religions, intuition and energy healing.  This was no easy task for two reasons.  First, our local library had the section with "these types of topics" (gasp!) right next to the librarian's desk.  I guess if you were going to bust out some witchcraft right there betwixt and between the Dewey Decimal system, they wanted to know about it.  There was a constant gaze and an energy of implied judgment around scanning the shelves for titles in "that section".  Second, as you can see I was clearly pursuing my passion for 80's fashion at the time which was obviously quite time-consuming. 

I also listened to Tony Robbins NLP/Mastermind programs and John Edward psychic development courses on cassette so regularly that I wore them down.

normal is overrated

Since I generally felt weird, out of place and super awkward as a kid, as I grew older, I got on with life and didn't really use my intuitive abilities or personal library of random animal facts.  I helped friends and family by using my abilities, but only if I felt safe doing so.  I kept my eyes forward, tried not to rock the boat and tried to fit in as a Normal Human.  (Spoiler Alert: It didn't work!)

gorilla with woman

full circle

When I adopted my own pets as an adult, I wanted to help them with their health and behavioral issues.  I started to research ways to do that and was led to study Animal Communication and Reiki under several teachers.  Those studies expanded into other areas of energy healing and intuitive counseling.

I volunteered with rescue groups in my area, helping to answer questions about the animals' previous circumstances and what type of homes would be a good fit by getting that information directly from the animals.  I helped reunite lost dogs and cats with their owners by connecting to the animal's energy and describing what they saw and felt about their physical location.

I also started working with friends and family and then referrals from friends and family using my mediumship, psychic and intuitive abilities.  I studied with multiple mentors and earned certifications in several modalities.  

I weaned myself off of depression medication using Reiki - and became a passionate advocate for energy healing.  

woman being kissed by dog
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and now here we are

After several years of volunteer work in my local community, I expanded to work with clients worldwide.  Over the last ten years of helping clients connect at a deeper level with their pets (and themselves!), I've witnessed amazing stories of love, strength and healing.  



I communicate with pets using telepathy and translate their thoughts and feelings to their people.  It's not unlike translating a foreign language back to a native speaker.   I also channel healing energy for Reiki and other healing modalities.  I do this for pets and people because everyone in the home deserves to be balanced and whole (emotionally and physically).

I guide clients through the exploration of their Soul's journey in my custom and unique Soul Alche-me sessions.

I am overjoyed and honored to serve animals and their humans.  I can't wait to meet you, learn about your story and serve you along your journey toward your most radiant self!